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When a sad, hurt, broken girl meets a saltwater princess, things change for them, forever.
         I ran down the steps to the beach, the tears flowing. I kept running down the shore until I couldn't run anymore. I slowed to the stop, and sat down, letting my tears overtake me. I sobbed for a good few minutes before looking up at the ocean. I watched the waves from my spot on the beach as they rolled on the sandy shore. Its blue, pristine, and gentle touch bringing shells and stones to me like gifts, and then taking the ones that weren’t good enough back into it. The ocean made me feel like I had someone. Like as if I had a purpose. The white caps of sea foam that settled on the tops looked like whipped cream to me. Salty, foamy whipped cream. I smiled as my tears silently rolled down my face. I got up, and took off my shoes, setting them on the sand. I walked to the edge of the ocean's reach. I looked up and down the shore, and walked right into the water. It was cold and warm at the same time. I giggled as I splashed in the waves. I then had an idea. I ran back to my house, looking through the window. Of course, my mom and my step-father were still fighting. They were the reason I had ran. I looked away from the window, the tears starting again, and walked to the house. Avoiding the kitchen, I went up to my room and changed into my swimsuit. Then I walked back outside and grabbed a pail from the shed, and headed back to the tide pools.
         I picked up a crab and inspected it. It was a cute, classic crab. I set it into my pail, where I had already collected a hermit crab, a sea urchin, a starfish, and some sand dollars. Suddenly, I heard a splashing sound behind me. I whirled around, and there was no one there. So I set my pail down and started searching. Eventually, I came to a large rock, and looked behind it. There was someone there. She was a person, except she had a fish tail, fins, and gills. I just stared. She stared back, and then she squeaked slightly, hiding her face. I gasped nervously. I had scared her. I bent down and moved her hands away, holding them in mine. She looked up at me with her fuchsia eyes. Her black hair framed her pink blushed face in perfect waves, and she had coral coloured horns that protruded from her head. She was beautiful. So beautiful. "Hey," I whispered "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." I could see her relax in my hands. I sat in the water, and met her eyes with mine. She cocked her head a bit, and reached for something. She gently grabbed the necklace around my neck and inspected it. There were three charms. Two were the dog tags of my late father, who served in the army and died. The third was a model sniper rifle bullet that my father bought for me before he left for war. I remembered receiving the dog tags, I didn't realize I was crying until the mermaid put a hand on my cheek. She then spoke "I'm sorry for your loss." I wiped my tears away "How did you...?" She tapped on her forehead. There was a silver band on her forehead, like a crown, with a bright pink jewel in the middle.

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