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Heartbreak Poem
For you I wasn’t good enough, never one always two. Behind my back you lied, all my love for you it died. All those times you went to cheat, I was at work being beat. That’s all the love I need you see. I left you and your love in the past but still I feel such a blast from the pain I feel it’s all too real. My heart is shattered fast like glass my memories dented hard like brass.
I question myself the things I did. To please you, to please him. I remember that girl, her shy beautiful eyes. So nervous, she shakes in all her clothes, she takes them off for him to see a terrible wreck, a tragedy. Hidden deep in every scar all those nights he came home from the bar. Her own father to him she was a bother. So many nights she held tight, to the sharp blade of that oh so silver knife. She held it up to her wrist trying hard with all her wit to keep that blade from cutting deep oh she wanted to feel the reap. Her tears, when they hit the ground fell fast and hard without a sound. Red and Blue the colors she wore the names they called her...she was nothing but a whore. You did this to me now I cry, I scream my rage but you beam your charms...how did this happen to me? A once a time model, thrown to the trash now she waits for every nights lash. The men that hurt her, they hurt me, every night when I’m asleep. In my dreams I see their faces, I can smell all the traces of beer and booze, liquor and women… I’m so lost in this world, made of plaster...I fall to my knees...obey my master. -Makalia Marie
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