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An author find success after struggling with writer's cramp
The Writer’s Cramp

Author Michael Montgomery decided that he would sit down and write. He had a great story he thought. How great it is to sit down and write he said to himself.

The Struggle and Success of Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray grazed in a field among friends looking at the sky at times enjoying the stars, sunrises, and sunsets. Eating and sleeping with his friends standing watch, not having to worry about a thing. My stall is so perfect he thought. The one I had before was so dirty and muddy. Why did my master put me in that terrible field? I got rained and snowed on every night. I had to roll around in the mud, get kicked and bitten by who I though were my friends - it was terrible. I tried to be nice to them but they were so mean.

Murray lifted his long neck and noticed the view. In he goes into his nice stall every night to sleep now. His hooves stand on soft straw, when before it was mud every night. Food waited for him every day in a comfortable stall and he neighed softly when the masters left for the day. Smelling the scents of grain and alfalfa were so delicious. Thinking of when he can go outside again, he enjoyed looking out the window of his stall.

All of the sudden he couldn’t move his leg very well. Oh no, what is wrong with my leg! He thought. I can’t walk as well as before. Why is my master leading me this way? All of the sudden my leg is wrapped and I am being moved to a different stall. My leg is being washed and a strang smelling liquid poured on. What will I do while my limb is immobile. The sun will be waiting for me. How long will I have to stay in this stall? I can no longer enjoy the stars, the sunrises, and sunsets. Where is the grass that is so lush and where are my friends? It seemed like weeks. Murray could hardly bear being cooped up all day and began to lose hope of ever leaving.

My master is coming again and I don't know what is happening. I'm so nervous, I think I may jump. She is mending my wound and I can’t leave my stall. No, I won't jump. I will just stare blindly ahead and just accept the fact that my friends still aren’t around. I’m just standing still waiting and waiting. This can’t take too long I can’t wait to get back out I feel so cramped in this stall I have to leave. Am I going to the other stall? Oh my, another washing it must be. But no! she is unwrapping the bandage…………

Michael put down his rather large writing tool. His fat pen he calls it. He loved writing about his horse. His medication must have stopped working. Oh, how his hand hurt. The medication affected his writing so badly at times. Not only his writing but his thinking as well. He lived to write and the cramping has gotten worse and worse. If only he didn’t have the cramping in his writing hand. He had found a physical therapist and it had gotten a bit better. He decided to stop for the day, take his medication and go outside and read.

It wasn’t until he decided to try acupuncture that he began to get relief from the pain and his mind become clear. Finally, being able to finish his story, Mr. Arthur Murray will be alive again. No more pills, no more muddled thinking. Just a few sessions a week with his acupuncturist and he became able to write without pain in his hand.

Murray's eyes noticed someone coming around the corner of his stall. My master is coming! She is leading me out of the barn and into the field! How nice it is to be free! I love seeing my friends again! Oh my, this grass is so tasty and I can’t wait until the nighttime when I can see the stars, the sunrises and sunsets again. I will love feeling the rain on my back. I’m even going to forget that awful times I had in the other field. Nothing else matters except being in my wonderful field, grazing with my friends.

Kimberly Louis

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