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The adventures of Hiro and his friends to stop an ancient demon. PART 4

Chapter Ten: "The Final Battle Unfolds"

We were transported to a dark corridor that extended far beyond our sight. The grim feeling in my gut got stronger by the second in this new dreadful realm. Outside of the grim-looking dirty windows that adorned the infinite walls of the hall was an eery purple and black glow. I stood quietly in the disturbing halls of this realm with my friends; Sari, Ota, and Shiruku.

I shivered as I thought of just what monster could create such a twisted realm and I turned to look at the others. Sari wasn't smiling and she seemed to be just as nervous as I was standing in the creepy foyer. Ota seemed a tad out of it and he seemed to be unable to look away from the disturbing scenes unfolding outside of this castle. Even Shiruku wasn't smiling or her normally cheerful self.

"So," I broke the silence with my nervous and shaky voice, "it's time." I said.

Sari looked at me and grabbed my hand, "We will save the realm; our realm; together." She spoke with a quiet dignity.

"What are we waiting for?" Ota said abruptly, "Our realm's fate lies upon us and we can end this demon if we try."

I nodded my head in agreement, "Yes, we must go down this hall and meet whatever fate that awaits us and our realm."

I could barely recognize my own voice as it was now filled with a determined confidence that was new to me.

"Ota-sama?" Shiruku whimpered.

"What is it, Ruki?" Ota asked her.

Ota had never called Shiruku 'Ruki' before; I started to think that he was losing his mind.

"I'm scared." Shiruku replied faintly.

"Don't worry, Ruki." Ota reassured her in a calm voice I had never heard before, "I will protect you with my life."

Shiruku gave a small grin, "Thank you, Ota-sama. Thank you for always being my friend."

Without a word, our group stepped more and more towards our fate as we walked the halls. We heard a faint and creepy tune being played as we grew ever-closer to the mastermind who wished to destroy our realm. Each step we took seemed to weigh us down but we continued to where our journey would meet it's final battle.

Suddenly, the floor of the halls gave out and we were sucked into a void of absolute darkness. I felt my vision cloud and my body went numb.

I woke up and got up from the grim floor beneath me. I gazed around the dimly-lit area and saw that my friends were nowhere to be seen.

"Where am I? Where are my friends?" I shouted out into the void.

I heard a faint and eery laughter coming from all around me.

"So you have finally made it." The creepy high-pitched voice echoed. The disturbing sounds that came from this demon seemed to invade my thoughts.

"I have placed each one of you in your own personal battle arena." The demon spoke in a voice that made me feel like throwing up, "I wouldn't want any of you to team up and defeat me; now would I?"

Suddenly, a familiar enemy emerged from the purple shadows. This enemy was none-other-than Devon Fairbrigard. Devon stepped slowly towards me and gave a demented-looking evil and twisted smirk with his purple lips.

"Yes, Master Impre has given me the privilege of ending your worthless life." Devon spoke in a crazed tone.

"You will never defeat me or my friends!" I shouted out in anger at him.

"What makes you so sure that you'll win?" Devon asked before he let out an annoying laugh.

"I summon my beast to battle!" I shouted out; clear as day.

When my beast didn't appear, I started to worry.

"OH!" The demon spoke from all around me, "I forgot to mention that I made sure that you can't summon any beasts to fight my minions. You'll die in a battle of arms for my amusement!" The demon cackled in triumph.

Suddenly, a rusted metal blade appeared in front of me. I looked at the worn-out old weapon in disgust as I picked it up.

"Fine." I said with determination, "Prepare yourself, Devon."

"Oh, I'm more than prepared." Devon replied with that twisted smirk of his.

Suddenly, three disturbing beasts appeared. These purple and black monstrosities looked a lot like the beasts that we had always used in battle. One beast was a fierce-looking dragon, one beast was a clawed being that stood upright, and the final beast was an amorphous creature.

"They can't be." I muttered under my breath.

"I assure you they are!" Impre's voice corroded my eardrum, "EEEHEEE HAHAHEEEE! Your beasts are now MY beasts!"

I looked over at what used to be our beasts and I started to cry a bit. I had to destroy our beasts to save our realm from it's destruction. Was it even worth saving? Could I save our beasts? These questions bounced around the inside of my head but then I stared forward with a determined glare at Devon and our beasts.

"I will not hold back." I spoke clearly, "I may not be able to save them but I can save our realm!"

I lunged at Devon with my rusty blade pointed squarely at his chest. Devon parried my blow and knocked me back with his arm before he sent the corrupt Toxi after me.

I got up and dodged the beast, "Toxi!" I shouted out to it as I avoided the onslaught from all around me, "Sari needs you!"

The corrupt blob seemed to hear my voice and vanished in a flash of white light that seemed even more powerful than usual.

"NO!" Impre shouted angrily, "Devon, you will perish if the boy saves the others!" This voice was even more hate-filled than his usual voice.

"I will not fail you, Master!" Devon shouted before he lunged towards me.

The corrupt Clawz spun and nearly tore off my head with it's massive claws and Devon's attack knocked me back. I winced in pain as I looked over at my wounded shoulder.

"Clawz!" I shouted out as I dodged it's super quick attacks, "Ota is in danger and he can't survive without you to be there!"

The beast stopped and gazed at it's claws before it disappeared in a flash of white light.

"Ugh." Devon grunted in panic as all fell silent.

"You are a disappointment." Impre's voice rang out, "If this 'hero' saves the last beast then you are done for!"

Devon said nothing in reply as he hopped aboard the corrupt Shiron. The dragon being rushed towards me and it's long locks of fur on it's back flowed like running water. The beast swung it's sharp tail at me and knocked me a far distance.

"Well, well." Devon said from atop the corrupt monster which was once a friend, "Looks like this 'hero' is nothing but a zero!"

The beast galloped towards me and I raised my arm to block my face, "Please, Shiron. Hear me for if you don't then you will be a murderer."

I closed my eyes and braced for a searing pain but when none came I opened my eyes. Devon was lying on the ground looking up at the corrupt dragon in fear.

"Shiron!" I shouted with joy.

The beast nodded and vanished in a flash of white light. I got up from the ground and pointed my sword at Devon's face.

"PATHETIC!" Impre's demonic voiced roared. Suddenly, a hole appeared from underneath Devon and he was being swept down into the dark void.

I held out my hand and managed to grab onto Devon's arm, "Hold tight! I'll pull you out of there!" I shouted to him.

Devon looked startled by this action, "No, Hiro. You must save your realm." He spoke in a calm voice, "Your realm needs you."

I tugged even tighter on his arm; I could feel my feet sliding towards the gaping hole, "NO! I can't let you die. I am a hero!"

"Yes, you are." Devon spoke before he pushed me back and fell down the deep hole, "I wish you luck."

The gaping hole in the ground closed up and I was left staring down at where it was.

"That fool!" The demon lord yelled abruptly, "Fine. I will let you three face me head on!"

The dark aura around me dissipated and I noticed Sari, Ota, and Shiruku in the distance.

"You're alive!" I shouted to them as I rushed over to give them a hug. I was never quite fond of hugs but the moment called for it.

"Barely." Ota replied.

"I missed you, Hiro." Sari said as she gave me a tight hug. Sari's expression changed, "Devilina sacrificed herself to save me at the last second."

I was shocked to hear this but then I though of what Devon did, "I don't doubt that."

Shiruku shivered nervously, "Um, Impy-air is still around us. I sense that he's waiting."

I clenched my fists, "He is going to pay for everything that he has ever done!" I said in a determined voice.

"Let's go, Hiro." Sari said as she grabbed my hand tightly, "We'll save our realm and then you'll take me for ramen."

I smiled at her as I was hungry too, "Yes, then we'll go for ramen."

We marched together further into the chaos that enveloped us. The eery purple and black glow was starting to get quite old and we were tired but we had to do this. We had to save our realm because we were it's only hope!

Suddenly, everything went pitch black. We stumbled around in the dark for several moments before the darkness cleared up and we were in a grim throne room.

Upon the purple and black throne was an odd-looking stuffed rabbit that seemed to have a rib-cage sticking out of it's fluff. The odd toy's stomach started to glow a bright magenta and appeared to be a grim-looking eyeball. This plush being started to float into the sky and moved closer towards us as it emanated an eery crimson glow.

"About time." The toy spoke from it's sowed-up mouth. The red and blue buttons on it's face seemed to represent the demon's eyes.

"Who and what are you?" I shouted at the ugly creature as I raised the rusty sword that I had been given earlier.

"Oh, I'm just Impre." The demon chimed, "Just a simple demon that likes to destroy realms." The demon spoke as if it was no big deal.

"I'm going to tear you apart!' I shouted at the demon lord before I slashed at it with my rusty blade. The demon toy's cloth was tore off from my attack but I wished that it was still on the demon.

Under the cloth was a small but demonic skeleton being with a glowing eye in it's exposed rib-cage. The button eyes were removed and all it had on it's face was empty eye sockets and a devilish grin.

"Aw!" The demon spoke in a babying voice, "Did the big hero try to kill me with his little sword?"

I sweated nervously and stepped back from the demon lord. I looked over at Sari and held her hand tightly.

"And now the little hero wants his girlfriend to protect him." Impre mocked.

"We summon our beasts to battle!" Me and Sari said in unison. The bright golden flash blinded the demon temporarily as me and Sari merged our beasts into one and combined ourselves with it.

We were an unstoppable-looking merge. We were a golden dragon with gallant wings that shimmered like stars in the night sky. We breathed a gorgeous purple flame from our mouth and our three tails were sharp as the most royal of swords.

"So the big dragon wants to play?" Impre chuckled, "Your merge is pathetic! Your father's merge was far more incredible."

My voice echoed out from within our merge, "You fought my father?"

The demon's skeletal face seemed to show a warped grin, "Yes, and I killed him like I will you!"

Suddenly, the demon blasted out a terrifying purple mass of energy that seemed to warp the air around it. Me and Sari dodged out of the way and dealt three sharp blows to Impre's face with our bladed tails.

Ota and Shiruku were ducking for cover behind a chair in the throne room but I could see that they were both stunned and terrified of me and Sari's merge. The fusion seemed too much for them to handle.

We breathed a purple fireball out at Impre and it hit him head on but had no visual effect, "Is this the best you heroes have to stop me?"

"No, THIS is!" Ota shouted out, all-of-a-sudden. Shiruku glowed a bright gold and merged with Ota and Clawz.

"Together we are Rukiota, and we are going to end you once and for all!" Rukiota shouted in a gorgeous voice that emanated a subtle purity.

Rukiota was a beautiful feminine creature with long light blonde locks that flowed like water down to below it's hips. The merge had a lovely golden crown upon it's head and the crown was adorned with a single emerald-coloured gemstone. The metal breastplate on this beast had the sigil for 'life' engraved on it and the white short skirt it wore also had this sigil.

Rukiota let out a golden beam that radiated purity and the beam hit Impre directly in the eye of his rib-cage.

"AAAAAAARRRGH!!!" Impre screamed in pain as the shockwave continued to surge through his demonic being, "I'll return someday and you'll all perish! Every single one of you will become my eternal slave!" Impre shouted as he was completely eradicated by the blast from Rukiota.

Sari and I separated from our merged form and ran over to Rukiota. Rukiota nodded before it too separated into Shiruku and Ota.

"It's finally over?" I asked them.

"No, but he'll be gone for quite some time." Shiruku replied. Shiruku wandered over to Ota and sat upon his head, "Hiro, Sari." Shiruku started, "I remember who I am now. It wasn't clear to me before but now I know." Shiruku said with a grave tone.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her in a panicked voice.

"I am Ruki, the daughter of Moonia Goddysia." Shiruku explained, "Now that my destiny has been complete, I must now return to the realm in the sky."

"Don't go!" Sari shouted out in tears.

"Do not worry, I will send you back to Anceridd and I will be watching you there." Shiruku replied, "And Ota?"

"Yes, Ruki?" Ota said in a calm voice though he was starting to cry.

"Eat a bowl of ramen for me when you get back to Anceridd." Shiruku said with a smile before a tear from her face dropped onto Ota's face. Shiruku gave a sad smile and waved goodbye before everything started to fade to white.

I woke up in my bed thinking that I had dreamt everything and that Shiruku was still with us. I ran all the way to Sari's house and up the stairs of her bedroom to tell her of my strange 'dream'. Sari was standing upright and looking out of the window in her pajamas.

"Do you think that we'll ever see Ruki again?" Sari asked without turning to face me.

"I think we just might!" Ota's voice came from behind us and made me jump a little.

"What are you talking about?" I asked him.

"I have a note from Ruki that says that she'll meet us up in the Snoveclade Mountains way up north." Ota spoke in an excited tone.

We all cheered and jumped up and down with joy from this news.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" I shouted and we all bounded down the stairs and out of Sari's house.

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