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Controling family.
Here we go,
It's starting again.
Sharp words cutting like a knife;
A beating with your raging fist
could not hurt as much as this.
And yet somehow you're still here;
Raging on at me,
Such a horrible person I am.
Ungrateful little brat;
Family from money,
Being a debutant and parties,
How could you not want this?!!

I want freedom.
Freedom to my thoughts;
Free of the drama and lies.
Yes money is nice,
But I'd rather have my soul.
You will never survive out there!
You know nothing of this world!
You know nothing of hardships and strife!
People will eat you alive!
Take advantage of you every chance they get!!

Maybe, Maybe not.
I have seen my share,
I've been through more than you know.
You left me,
Now you're back and wanting to control me?

Stop acting like you care,
I know you're apathetic.
It's obvious with the way you yell.
It's my life, and I don't want to live it with you.
You want freedom?!
Military is the only way!
If you stay,
You do what I say!
When and how I say it!

Fine with me.
I'll join the Army,
And when I leave,
Roar all you want;
See if I'm stopping.
Fine! Go live in the world!
You'll come crawling back,
Pregnant and broke!
I will not step forward to help you!
You leave, don't you ever come back here again!!
You are not allowed to even call here!!
Disown you we will!!

I won't come back,
No one could pay me enough!
Sad when a child would rather die,
Than to be with the family she had.
Your pictures, birth certificate,
And social security card are now shredded!!
Your inheritance is gone!!
You will not get a single dime from me!!
You never existed to us,
You hear me?! Never!!

Fine, take everything.
I don't care,
I don't want anything from you.
I will go out on my own,
I will survive, and in the end,
I hope you die alone.
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