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A Royal Fool
Long ago in a distant land to the north there stood an exquisite and harmonious kingdom. In this kingdom there was an elaborate palace made of stained glass. In each panel of the window there was a depiction of how the kingdom came to be. In the palace lived the Great King Santron. The King was known for being honest and impartial, most of all he ruled extremely wisely and only in the peoples best interest. The great king had a young boy who was taught by the philosopher Kalvinstin the Great, who was 121 years old.

The young prince showed tremendous promise and continued to learn more complex lessons quicker and quicker. Soon after the young boy turned 19 Kalvinstin the Great fell ill. Shortly after King Santron breathed his last. While King Santron was on his death bed he told the young man to rule the kingdom just as had, wisely. The Young King was crowned King Daniel the Magnificent. The young King threw himself a grand feast to celebrate.

King Daniel had drank much wine and began making a fool of himself. Daniel had woken up the next morning in the horse stables. The royal subjects were circled around the small stable mocking and ridiculing him. King Daniel would continue this unhealthy and ignorant life style. Soon Daniel had run out of money and could no longer pay for the Royal Military. Leaving the Grand Palace un-guarded. Soon savage people who lived on the out skirts of the kingdom came in.

They rounded up a revolutionary force amongst the people. Under the cover of a black sky they stormed the unguarded palace and tied up Daniel throwing him into a carriage. They paraded him around the kingdom all night. Once the Sun had risen Daniel was escorted to the guillotine. As the blade crossed his neck he caught one last glimpse of the grand palace and shed a subtle tear. After the execution they paraded his head on a pike the crowds screamed "Long Live the King" mockingly. All that his father had built vanished to dust.
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