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Ranting poem about driving
See you merging onto the freeway,
Catch up to speed!
People will let you in eventually,
They have to!

Driving crazy, not paying attention.
What are you thinking?!
Wait...you're not!
Looking down at the phone,
Is the text that important?

No blinkers that signal,
Merging car!
Slam brakes, barely stop in time;
Getting rear ended in the back,
Next thing: Five car pile-up!

Kids in the back crying;
Distracting mom,
Hey dad! Lend a hand!
Mom doesn't have four arms!

Teenagers, seniors and foreigners,
Mandatory lessons and tests,
But somehow,
Still can't drive?!

Change fatality rate!
40,000 deaths!
Says National Council of Security.
Highest it's been!

So start to care,
Become aware,
And pay attention!
Because lives matter!
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