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Rated: XGC · Fiction · Erotica · #2152415
Teasing story about a guy who gets a sexy massage that ends in a surprising way.
His alarm clock woke him up. Matt arose from his bed feeling sore all over his body. This told him that he truly did overexert himself moving all those heavy boxes at work the day before. Thankfully it was Saturday and he didn’t have to go back to work this day.

He got up and made his way to the bathroom, struggling as he went. He stepped into the shower. The hot water felt good over his aching body but his muscles were a bit sore after he stepped out. The last thing he wanted to do was spend his weekend sore and uncomfortable. It was then he remembered seeing an ad for a massage parlor. 'Total Relaxation Massage' was the name of the place. He looked it up online and was pleased to see it wasn’t that far from where he lived. One thing he really noticed was the pictures of the good looking women masseuses. Being a single guy who hadn’t had a girlfriend in months that feature had definitely caught his eye. Matt had never had a professional massage before but today he was willing to give it a shot, especially if it was done by one of those women. Maybe they could help him loosen up.

He parked the car, walked in and was greeted by a pretty brunette. As she was taking his information, he noticed several pictures of attractive girls on the wall. These were the masseuses who worked there, the pretty brunette told him. He remembered seeing them on the internet ad. His eyes were drawn to one particular girl, one with shoulder length blonde hair and a very nice set of hooters. The name under the picture said Angela. That name was fitting. She sure looked like an angel!

"Do you prefer any particular girl?" she asked pointing at the wall.

Trying not to sound like a perv and to appear as if he’d done this before he said "Yeah, I remember someone telling me that Angela was pretty good."

"Oh yes. She's one of our most popular girls. Let’s see…oh, and lucky for you she's available right now."

The receptionist pushed a button on the intercom speaker on her desk. "Angela, you have a customer waiting."

It wasn't long until the buxom goddess from the photo on the wall walked into the lobby. She looked ten times hotter in real life! The uniforms the masseuses wore here were pretty skimpy. It consisted of a small cotton pink tank top and a small pair of cotton pink booty shorts. This girl filled out her uniform nicely. Her top was straining against her big round tits. They must have been DD sized at least! Matt could tell she wasn't wearing a bra since he didn't see the form of one through her shirt. Her breasts giggled slightly with each step as she walked further proving she was braless. The top she wore was obviously a little too small for a girl with this big a chest. Straining over her mammoth mounds, the fabric was pulled up so a portion of her tight tummy, including her cut bellybutton, was exposed.

"Hi, I'm Angela" she said extending her hand out.

Matt broke away from ogling over her body to shake her hand. Her skin was warm and silky smooth and her touch caused an immediate reaction from his penis.

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Matt" he said.

She gave him a smile that sent shockwaves through his body then told him to come with her. As he followed her to the back room, he got a good look at those tight shorts she was wearing. They were very high cut, sort of like the shorts Hooters waitresses wear except these were pink and made out of stretchable cotton. Angela had a curvy ass so she was filling them out very nicely. He could see that, like her top, her shorts were about a size too small for her. They were hugging her butt so tight that the fabric was getting pulled up around her round butt cheeks and into her ass crack.

Angela led him into a small back room with a massage table.

"So, Matt, I know you're not one of my regulars. Have you ever had a massage before?"

He figured it’d be best to be honest with her and told her he hadn't, that he woke up stiff and figured this was the best way to loosen up.

"That's ok" she said. "Let me tell you a little about the process."

She began to explain massage oils and meading techniques to him. Matt tried to pay attention, but he was distracted by her sexy body. Angela would look away at times to point at something or to grab something to show him as she talked. He used these moments when her head was turned away from him to steal peeks at her boobs. He couldn't believe how hot she was. This girl was a perfect 10 in his book. Matt had never been with a perfect 10 before. The only times he ever came in the presence of a hot girl like this one, he'd would usually go off in his pants just from talking to her. He was going to try and enjoy every minute of it even though she was just giving him a massage.

"Ok, now I'll need you to take all of your clothes off and lay stomach first on the table" she said.

This got his attention. "You want me to take all of my clothes off?"

She gave a little giggle. "Of course silly. I won't be able to give you an appropriate massage through your clothes. My hands need to touch your skin. Now I want you to take everything off, including your underwear."

"My underwear? But how will I...uh...you know..."

"Don't worry" she said, giving him a little smile. "Just wrap yourself in this towel and lay down on the table. Now I'll step out while you disrobe."

She stepped out of the room and Matt began undressing. He was a little embarrassed. His penis was already starting to stiffen. He laid down face first on the massage table very slowly, while paying careful attention not to crush his cock. Few moments later he heard a knock.

“Are you ready?” Angela asked.

“Uh, ye…yes I am” he said still a little nervous.

Angela came back in and wet her hands with massage oils and started at Matt's shoulders. Her touch was warm and soft. It sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout his body. His penis began to get even harder causing him increasing discomfort being crushed flat against the table from the weight of his body.

"So, what do you do?" she asked.

"Oh, uh, I'm a bartender."

"That's so cool!" she replied.

“Yes it is but it has its ups and downs. I was moving liquor boxes yesterday and that got me all sore. That’s why I’m here.”

"Don’t worry. I’ll get you loosened up” she said. “You know, I’ve always wanted to try bartending. I think I'd be good at it."

"I’m sure you would! It’s not that difficult. Any idiot could do it!”

He cringed after he said that. ‘Shit! Did I tell her an IDIOT could do my job? Matt, you can’t make her think you’re an idiot!’

“Well, then, I guess I should give it a shot if it’s that easy.”

‘Damn!’ he thought and quickly changed the subject.

‘Have you always been a masseuse?" he asked.

"No. I've had a couple other jobs before this."

"Like what?"

"Well, for starters I was a Hooters waitress." Hearing this caused his cock to jolt. "Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, but the pay wasn't that great. The tips were though. That’s what put me through school. Then one day a customer noticed me one day and that's how I got me into stripping."

"Stripping? As in at strip club?" he asked, getting more excited.

"Yes” she said. She was down to his legs now. He was the owner of the club and he was looking for new dancers. He said I would be perfect for the job. At first I didn't want to, but he convinced me to give it a try. Once I saw how much money I could make at it, I gave up Hooters forever. Ok, time to turn over."

"W-what?" Matt asked.

"I'm done with your backside, silly! It's now time to work on your front."

Matt was hesitant. He knew his hardon would show through the towel. He slowly turned over onto his back. He kept the towel bunched up as much as he could so that his erection would not be so visible. Now he could see the beautiful girl above him as she began rubbing his chest. He started starring at massive the cleavage between her breasts which were bouncing as she worked her hands along his body.

"So it paid good money?" he asked.

"Yeah. Men just couldn't get enough of me. Plus it was a high profile place, 'Heavenly SINsations Gentlemen's Club.'"

Matt was familiar with the place. It was full of high price strippers he could never afford. It was the kind of place the well-to-do men of the city went.

“Why did you leave stripping?”

“It got old. All that ‘You’re so hot!’ and ‘I just have to have another one of your lap dances!’ got repetitive. I thought having a bunch of horny guys drooling over me would be fun and empowering but it got old fast!”

“Oh, I see.”

She continued to rub, moving her hands down his body. She ran her hands underneath the towel, brushing her fingers against his hardening cock. Her touch sent pleasurable sensations throughout his body. His penis grew even more creating a growing bulge in the towel that was impossible to miss.

"Wow! Looks like someone is excited" she said giving him a sexy smile.

"Oh, uh...I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."

"It's ok. It's not like you're the first guy to get a hard on with me” she said rubbing her hand through her hair. “Massages are intimate experiences and it's perfectly normal for men to get erections. Just relax and let your body respond."

Angela grabbed the bottom of her little top and pulled down so that the fabric stretched around her breasts. She then put her hands on her back and arched it so that her big boobs thrusted out in Matt's direction causing those massive mammaries to stretch her top even more. Then she reached down to her waistband and pulled up on her little booty shorts, making them stretch over her round butt.

Matt's cock was now sticking straight up at full attention. He couldn’t control it now.

“Got a girlfriend?” she asked.

“Uh, well..you see, uh…” his eyes were glued to her massive cleavage which was clearly visible as she bent over. He was having trouble thinking but he finally got out “Uh, I just broke up with my last girlfriend.” There! She wouldn’t know he’d been dateless for months.

“Yeah, my boyfriend and I recently ended our relationship as well.”

“I can’t believe it! You’re far too good looking to be without a guy.”

She looked up with a smile “Thank you!”

Angela glanced down at the tower in the towel. It was impossible to hide now. She glanced into Matt's eyes and gave him a sexy grin.

“Uh, I…I’m sorry” he said.

“It’s alright. I told you it’s natural for a guy to get a hard on during a massage. It’s a perfectly normal reaction”

"It's even easier when you’re being touched by such a beautiful woman" he said. This made her smile.

"Why, thank you! I guess these skimpy outfits they make us wear make it all the better.”

“You got that right!” he blurted without thinking. She just gave him a big smile.

“Now that were no longer uncomfortable, I guess we can get rid of this towel."

She grabbed the towel and threw it over a nearby chair. It happened so quickly, Matt wasn't sure how to react since he was now laying naked on the table with his hard on sticking straight up, but Angela's warm smile calmed him.

"I'll need some more oil" she said, walking over to the counter.

She leaned over the counter, arching her back so that her curvy butt stuck out. She began shifting her weight from one leg to the other, making her ass shake slightly. Matt couldn't help but stare at her round butt straining against those little pink shorts.

Angela turned around but knocked one of the bottles of oil over.

"Oops!" she said as it hit the floor. She turned her back to Matt and then slowly bent over to pick it up. He watched her little short shorts hike up over her buns and exposing the smooth skin of her glutes. They pulled tightly between her legs, outlining her ass crack and the mound of her camel toe.

She squirted warm oil onto her hands and proceeded to rub around his thighs. She bent down real close to Matt so that the cleavage of her boobs now bumped against his rock hard cock. Matt was overwhelmed with pleasure as her warm soft skin made contact against her tits. She appeared not to notice her breasts hitting his cock as she rubbed him down. Matt didn't care one bit. He was enjoying every minute of this!

Angela moved her left hand up to brush back her hair. She stuck her chest out a bit as she ran her hand through her golden hair, causing her breasts to press up against his cock for a few heavenly seconds. Watching this hot scene combined with the soft warmth of her tits on his dick sent him into pleasure overload. A bit of pre-cum came up and moistened his dick’s head.

"Oops," she said. "Sorry."

"About what?" he asked.

"My tits just bumped against your dick" she said with a little laugh.

"Oh, that's alright. I'm not complaining" he replied while trying to muster out a laugh.

"No, I guess few guys would."

Angela continued to work farther down his legs. Her breasts no longer bumped against his cock but now her mouth was right over his throbbing head. She had her mouth open and he could feel her hot breath on his cock. Matt wanted so badly to move his hips up to push his cock into her wet mouth, but he resisted that temptation. He watched the sexy masseuse, her full, soft lips so close to his cock head. She kept rubbing his legs all the way down to his feet. Then she stood straight up.

"All done" she said. She tugged at the bottom of her top, stretching it tightly over her large breasts.

"What?" Matt couldn't believe it was over. It all went by so quickly. "You're done?"

"Yeah, that was the full body massage. Pretty nice huh? I’ll bet you’re all loosened up now. No more soreness?”

Trying to think of something to say he blurted out “Uh, well, no, no soreness. I…I guess I’m just so very disappointed having to leave you, beautiful!” Oh, crap! Did he just say something that cheesy?!

She just smiled. “No, you don’t have to leave yet. Now we can talk about the tip."

“Uh, tip?” he asked.

She gave him that sexy smile again. She walked up to where his head was on the table. She stood so that her boobs were now sticking out over his head, partially blocking his view of her face.

“Yes, Matt. It is common courtesy to give your masseuse a BIG TIP!” she said as she reached out her hand and ran it through his hair. She bent down giving the guy a full close-up view of her impressive cleavage. The tight top she wore was squeezing them together, enhancing them nicely.

“I know you want to give me a big tip, don’t you?” She made a pouty face and said “Didn’t I do a good job, Matt? Did Angela not do a good job?”

“No, NO..I mean, yes, you did do a good job! You were great! It was the best massage ever!”

Matt knew very well what she was getting at. He was well aware of the ‘happy endings’ given at some massage parlors. Angela looked down and smiled at him. She knew full well she had just snagged another horny customer.

"So what are my options?"

Switching from her sweet demeanor to pure business mode she said "Well, you're obviously a breast man. I figured that out easily the way your eyes were glued to my tits! For $35 I'll let you fondle them for one minute. DON’T try to tip me less than $35 or you’ll get shit!"

"What else?" he asked.

"I can take off this shirt and redo your front side topless for $50. Just imagine seeing these sweater puppies jiggling above your head! Tip me a mere $75 and I and will lie on top of you topless for two whole minutes. Think about it, Matt, our bodies together like that, my big tits pressed against your chest! Sexual acts will cost you more” she continued. “It’s $100 for a hand job and $125 for a blowjob."

She took her finger and ran it along the underside of his cock, slowly, from the bottom all the way to the top. The feeling was amazing.

"Imagine my hot, wet mouth around your shaft, Matt”

She ran her hand through her hair then cupped her breasts, rubbing them.

"I have other things involving my ass, but I can clearly see you want my tits. So, Matt, what's it going to be? Are you going to tip your beautiful and very busty masseuse?"

Matt thought about it. They were all good options but there was only one thing he truly wanted.

"Could I just stick my dick between your breasts?"

"Wow you ARE a boob guy!” she said with a chuckle. “Hmmm, sure. I'll let you rub your dick between my tits. It'll only cost you, let's say, $175."

"Can you go a little lower?” he asked. “The blow job was only $125."

"No, sorry, babe, that's my price. Non-negotiable, but look at them." She walked over to Matt, bent down and thrust her cleavage in his face.

In a sweet, innocent voice she said "Don't you think their worth it? Its $175, but you get to do them. You get to CUUUM all over them!"

Matt was hornier than ever. He managed to tear his eyes away from Angela's knockers, trying whatever he could to clear his mind and think clearly. His eyes moved up to her face, but she quickly moved in so that she was staring right into his eyes an inch away from his face. Her chest was now pressing against his.

"Don't you think I'm worth it? Am I not a good enough masseuse that you won't tip me?" She turned away a pulled back. "I guess you don't like me that’s all" she said, faking a cry.

In an uncontrollable, hormone driven reply Matt shot out "No, Angela! You gave a great massage and I do like you! I like you a lot!" He easily fell for her manipulative trick.

Instantly, she turned and was back in his face looking him right in the eye. "I like you too, Matt. Matt, that's such a cute name for such a cute guy. I want to make you happy, but you got to make me happy first by giving me a tip."

Matt couldn't help it. She was sooo HOT and her breasts were sooo BIG he just couldn't say no. He wanted her for all the lustful reasons. Most of all, he wanted to cum on her tits, not in his pants! Who cares if he paid for it?

"Ok, $175. But, Angela, I don't have that much cash on me."

"Don't worry" she said smiling. "I'll just add it to your credit card."

Angela reached into his pants, pulled out his wallet and quickly pulled out his credit card. Before Matt could protest, the sexy woman had already swiped the card and entered in the amount. She turned with the paper receipt and once again leaned in close to Matt.

"All you have to do is sign saying you approve. Then I will make you feel what a Total Relaxation massage is all about!"

Matt quickly signed the receipt.

"Thank you, Matt. Now lie down and enjoy the show. Just NO touching my tits with your hands! You didn't pay for that!"


“That’s an extra $35, remember?”

He threw his head back in frustration. “Yeah, I remember.”

She grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head and off. Man, what a sight she was. They were big fake tits. It was obvious the way they stuck out without support. She bent down, taking a breast in each hand and placed them around his raging hard on. Squeezing them together, she began to pump up and down.

The feeling was intense! Her skin was so soft and warm that he thought heaven had wrapped itself around his dick!

"Oooh, Matt! You're dick is so big and hard! Come on baby, cum all over my big tits!"

Her sexy voice, the sexy looks she was giving him, the ecstatic feeling between his loins were all having their affect on him. He was going to CUM! Cum between the tits of a perfect 10 babe! He wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. He squeezed his penis shut, holding his semen in as the pressure grew. Finally, it got to the point where he could no longer hold it in. Just a few more strokes and he was going to blow his load!

Just then, there was loud banging on the door. "Angela! Cops just pulled into the parking lot! I think it's a raid!"

Angela's face changed from erotic to fearing.

"SHIT!!!" she screamed, pulling away just two strokes from making Matt orgasm. The cold air hitting his dick was causing his dick to deflate.

"What thu..." he mumbled out in confusion.

"The police are here!" she yelled. "You got to get dressed or you'll be arrested!"

Still in a state of part confusion and part horniness, Matt quickly put on his shirt and pulled on his pants. He couldn't help watching Angela put her top back on, stretching it back over her boobs and checking herself out in the mirror, making sure her top was fitting just right around her boobs and adjusting her hair.

She turned around and saw that he hadn't finished putting his pants on.

"I said we have to HURRY!" She walked over to him and pulled them up. She was once again standing close to him, her head turned looking towards the door. Her tight top was doing a real number on her chest, squeezing those boobs together making massive cleavage.

Matt just stood there like the horny guy that he was staring down her top. Her tits and her warm body close to his brought his cock back to erect. He didn't notice that his hard dick was sticking straight out between his fly when Angela grabbed his zipper. Still looking towards the door and not looking down at what she was doing, Angela yanked the zipper up quick and hard catching his dick in the action.

The pain was more than he had ever felt! Especially in his privates! It was such a shock that he didn't yell out. Actually, he couldn't yell out. All he could manage to do was let out a muffled whimper.

Angela noticed the resistance from the zipper not going up all the way. Thinking it was stuck, she pulled it down and then brought it back up, this time with more force. When it didn't work again, she kept working the zipper up and down, completely unaware of the pain she was causing to Matt's dick!

"FUCK! What's wrong with this stupid zipper?!" She turned her head and looked down and saw his dick sticking out in the way.

"Damn it!" she yelled, grabbing his hard on, removing it from the zipper area and shoving the stiff rod down into his pants.

Despite all that just happened, Matt was still a bit aroused and the feel of her hand grabbing his dick was all he needed. The brush of her warm, soft fingers against his shaft as she pulled her hand out of his pants did the final work. He began to ejaculate as she pulled his zipper up. He continued to blow his load as she told him "This never happed! GOT IT?"

In the end, he did cum with this perfect 10 blonde babe, though, once again, it was in his pants.

As bad luck would have it, the cops were only there to get a massage. One of them turned out to be Angela's next appointment, so there was no luck at finishing the job. Matt was about to protest, but Angela pointed to a sign that said:

‘All Tips Final NO REFUNDS’

Matt had no choice but to leave, walking out with his pants soaked with his now ice cold cum. It didn't help things further when the pretty girl at the counter, the same girl that screwed up his sexual experience by knocking on the door, said to him in a happy voice, "Come back again real soon for another Total Relaxation massage!"

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