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Krystal leads a team of heroes on their next journey to seal an ancient demon away.
It was another cold dawn in my castle of ice. I was relaxing in my throne room, sipping some tea as I awaited a group of young heroes who would arrive shortly.

Ruki was sitting at a wooden table nearby me. Ruki was a young girl with long pink hair and green eyes; she also wore a white robe which was adorned in fine gold jewelry. The strange-looking crown atop Ruki's head held a precious emerald stone and multiple golden ribbons flowed from it's sides.

"I cannot wait to meet my friends again!" Ruki cheered. Ruki's voice echoed throughout the naturally-lit room.

"Yes." I spoke clearly as I rose from my throne and stepped towards the table that was covered in a crimson tablecloth edged in gold. Several fruits were placed in small baskets upon the table that smelled a tad overripe, "The heroes shall be arriving shortly. They will be definitely surprised to see how much you have changed."

Ruki was once a Shiruku. Shiruku are small, cute, rabbit-like creatures that come in a range of different colours.

The door of my castle's throne room started to creak slowly open and a group of people stepped into the room. I recognized their faces immediately.

Hiro was the young man with white hair and wore the same school uniform that his brother - Ota - wore.

Ota was his older brother and his hair was as dark as night. Ota looked quite dorky and was a very close friend to Ruki.

Sari was also there. Sari was a girl around Hiro's age and her blonde hair was quite long. Sari's eyes were as blue as the clearest pond.

"About time you idiots showed up." I snapped at them in a playful tone, "Take a seat and I'll get some fresh fruit. You guys took so long that what I have out is rotten."

"That's not our fault." Ota said in a tone that made him look less dorky.

"Are you here to argue or are you here to listen?" I asked with a smirk.

"Forgive us, Krystal." Sari said as she took a bow.

I smiled because at least she understood that I was the queen of this domain. I am the ruler of the Snoveclade Mountains and all of the people who live in this large and snowy region.

"That's right!" I shouted. My voice echoed throughout the room, "Sari, you may take a seat. Hiro, take a seat. Ota? You may sit on the floor until you learn to behave." I commanded.

Sari and Hiro took seats next to Ruki but Ota crossed his arms in anger.

"I'm not going to sit on the cold floor!" Ota exclaimed.

"It's either the floor or Lake Snoveclade, take your pick." I said as I crossed my arms.

Ota muttered multiple swears and insults as he took his rightful place on the floor of the cold room.

"So, Hiro?" I began, "You are probably wondering who this girl is."

Hiro looked over at Ruki, "Yeah, you look familiar but have we actually met before?"

Ruki smiled and climbed up onto my table. I didn't protest when she stood up on my table because I could easily replace it for free.

"I am Ruki!" Ruki shouted and hopped up and down on the table. The table shook and the fruits were knocked off of it.

Everyone looked pretty surprised.

Ota got up off of the floor and looked at Ruki, "Ruki? You have changed quite a bit!" He said but I could tell that Ota was quite happy to see her again.

Suddenly, Ruki climbed up on Ota's back.

"Yes! Ota, I missed you so much!" Ruki cheered from Ota's shoulders.

"You weigh the same as you did when you were Shiruku!" Ota exclaimed. It seemed that Ota was happy that Ruki wasn't heavy.

"Okay," I interrupted the cute moment, "let's talk about your next task."

Ruki smiled from atop Ota's shoulders, "Yes, we are going back to the forest of Ahn'de Sei'rei with Krystal and we'll perform a ritual!"

"Ahn'de Sei'rei? We've been there before but it's just a boring forest." Ota stated plainly.

"Not really." Hiro replied, "Ahn'de Sei'rei is where we got the rare gem to give to the healer so she could heal Sari. That's probably exactly where we need to go."

Ruki nodded, "Yep! We need to go back to where those creepy statues were."

I smiled at the group, "You need MY help to successfully complete the ritual." I said proudly.

We all got up and left the throne room together. It took several hours for us to journey down the Snoveclade Mountains and through the forest where our destination was. When we made it to the strange area with the stone pedestal and statues, we were met by two odd people.

"Who are you? And why are you here?" I shouted at the weird duo of strangers.

One of them appeared to be a man and the other looked like a lady. These strangers stepped towards my group and then stopped before the kneeled before us.

"Ah, Krystal Tepes, the 'Ice Queen' herself." The strange man said as he rose from the ground in front of me.

"Yes, and who are you clowns?" I replied in anger at the odd man.

"You have never met me or my sister but we are the Fairbrigard Twins." The man announced.

"Devon and Devilina?!" Hiro shouted out suddenly.

"Yes," Devilina began, "we have redeemed ourselves and we've decided that we will help you seal away Impre."

I didn't buy this act of their's for a second, "I don't believe you and I will not let anyone stand in our way!"

Hiro, Ota, Sari, and Ruki looked towards me with concerned faces.

"Well, well. That's understandable." Devon spoke out, "If we win a match against you then you'll have to let us help but if you win then you can send us to your icy dungeon."

I smirked because I really enjoyed fighting new people because I would always win, "You are so on! Don't cry when you lose."

Hiro stepped in front of me in protest, "I can't let you fight them! I don't want these two to be trapped in a cold dungeon after what they did to help in the battle against Impre!"

"From what I recall, these two tried their best to stop you and failed." I replied sternly, "If I can't fight them then I'll fight you and the result will be the same."

Hiro turned pale for a second but then his face showed determination, "I accept your offer and I will win!"

He was absolutely dense for accepting to battle me but I smiled at his determination and moxy, "Okay, kid."

The battle was going to start in an open field nearby so that we wouldn't be able to damage the shrine. The match was a one-on-one versus the hero who saved the world and I was excited to see just how strong this kid was.

"Go, Hiro!" Ruki shouted happily from the crowd nearby the battlefield.

"I believe in you, Hiro." Sari said aloud.

"You go bro!" Ota shouted from the crowd.

Devon and Devilina was talking among themselves but I was unable to hear what they were saying.

"May the best person win, Krystal." Hiro exclaimed from his side of the field.

The scent of berries emanated from a bush nearby and it made me a bit hungry but I turned my focus back to the fight.

"That 'best person' will be me and you will rot in my dungeon!" I shouted in reply.

I stuck out my fist and unveiled my secret weapon; my powerful golden bracelet with a icy blue gem embedded in it.

"May the winds swirl and the mountains rise! Bury my foes in a crystal of ice! Sigil child of Hin, I summon thee to do my bidding for me!" I chanted loudly. My voice echoed throughout the forest and the crowd nearby looked shocked.

In a flash of white light, Hin appeared. My ally who always accompanied me in battle was the spirit deity of ice and snow. Hin had cool blue hair in a spiky style with icy tips and he wore a long white robe which could easily be mistaken as a dress. His arms were adorned with golden jewelry which were of the most expensive kind.

"Master Krystal." Hin spoke as he turned and bowed before me in respect, "What are you wishes, my queen?"

"Hin, I need you to defeat Hiro in a battle. That shouldn't be too hard for your overwhelming power." I commanded.

"Indeed, my queen." Hin said as he turned to look at Hiro. Hiro had already summoned his beast; Shiron, but Hiro looked a tad scared of Hin.

"You have a sigiling like Vexa?" Hiro said in a panicked tone.

I laughed at Hiro in reply, "Vexa has lost to me many times. I bet that even you have beaten her."

Hiro looked at the ground in shame, "I actually lost and died."

I laughed even louder than before, "Wow, you suck. I'm starting to feel bad for you but I still won't go easy on you."

Hiro told Shiron to rush at Hin with full force but Hin quickly dodged the attack and counterattacked with a freezing blow. Shiron was frozen solid and was unable to move.

"No, Shiron!" Hiro said as he rushed over to him.

"Don't be ashamed in being terrible." I replied with a smirk. Suddenly, the iced Shiron started to shake and ice started chipping off of him.

"Shiron!" Hiro yelled out again as the beast broke free of the icy prison and rushed at me instead of attacking Hin.

I nimbly dodged the attack and with a flash of blue light, I transformed into my ice wolf form.

"She can do that?!" Everyone in the crowd exclaimed in awe.

"Yes, I can." I barked, "Hiro and Shiron, prepare yourselves!" I ran over to Hin and he hopped aboard my back and created an icy spear, "This is my 'merge'."

I ran quickly towards Shiron and Hin stabbed it with the icy spear before jumping off my back; I jumped onto the scaly creature and bit it on the neck. Shiron rolled over in pain and Hin froze it solid before I clawed at the beast's face.

"Stop it now!" Hiro yelled angrily and rushed in front of Shiron, "This is not what fighting is about! We shouldn't even be fighting eachother!"

Before I could say anything, a young girl stepped towards me and Hiro; the girl was none other than Vexa.

"Well, well. Krystal, you know better than to fight someone weaker than you." She said in a neutral tone, "Shiron and Hiro are weak and still need training. They might've beaten Impre but he'll get his strength back soon. We shouldn't be fighting them, we should be sealing Impre away."

I turned back into my normal form and Hin flew over to my side, "Vexa, I can't stand when you interrupt a perfectly good fight! I was bored and I needed something less boring to do than recite a stupid sealing spell." I yelled angrily.

"Then you can fight me." Vexa replied with a shrug, "It's not like I'll ever beat you but I'd enjoy trying."

Sari, Ruki, Ota, Devon, and Devilina walked over to the battlefield, "Can we recite the spell?" Sari asked politely.

"Fine, I'll recite the stupid spell for you but then we'll battle. Hin, return for now." I replied.

"Yes, my queen." Hin said obediently before disappearing back into my bracelet.

We all walked back over to the shrine and stood in a circle around the pedestal. I took out some ice spirit powder and pored it around the pedestal.

"Ahn Hin Roh." I began chanting, "Hin Hin Ahn Dei Sei. Ah'dehin!"

A blue aura enveloped us and spiraled all around before disappearing in a flash of white light. We were all knocked back by the sudden blast and I felt a tad bit tired.

"It's done." I said to the others, "Now can I beat you, Vexa?"

Vexa laughed, "Sure thing, Krystal."

We walked back over to where the battlefield was and the Fairbrigard Twins decided they had to go to do an important task. We all said goodbye to them and went back to the fight.

"I'm going to beat you this time, Krystal." Vexa announced in the middle of battle.

"There's no way!" I replied.


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