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Sharing a love with my 10 year old daughter.
"It's not fair daddy, I don't know why I have to write." My little girl had tears in her eyes. "Come here sweets and let me show you something" We walked to my desk and sat down in my chair. I flicked on my computer and said "pick one". She pointed to one, and I started to read "The sky was clear and we were enjoying a nice walk in the park when all of a sudden"... I read the story to her. She loved that I had turned the assignment from writing.com into a fun story about us. "

Why is it called Day 1?" she asked.

"Because I can pick it up anytime and write more about us" I answered.

I explained, "your teacher has given you a gift." We talked about the topics she could choose.

"Mythological Creatures, I love them!" I encouraged her to think about them for a moment.

"Where would you run into the Hydra?

"In a swamp daddy!"

"Correct!" "How about a Cyclops, the Minotaur, or a Hellhound?"

"In a cave?" she hesitantly answered.

"That's a great place for them, they would be very comfortable there."

"What questions would the Sphynx ask you if you ran into her?"

"Math, I'm not really good at math, and she would know that."

"I bet she would" was my answer.

"Now what would you do if you ran into the Hydra, a Hellhound, or the Sphynx?"

"I would run daddy."

"Or?" I inquired.

"I would fight them" her eyes lit up and she smiled.

"Yes you would, but with what, and what would you be wearing?"

"A sword daddy and I would have a shield and armor!"

"Is it a magic sword?" I asked.

"Of course it is, it's my sword!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Absolutely, and it's your story, you control it all." .

"Now you can''t just tell me" I said. "You need to show me how you will battle that monster. Show me how you will win. Will you run away, or figure out a way to outsmart it? I playfully teased.

"Oh I am going to fight it and I am going to beat it" was the proud reply.

She asked if she could write up here in my room with me. I don't think there's a daddy alive that would say no to that. I am no exception. She is sitting on my bed. Her pencil is pressed to her notebook. She is writing, and I can see the story unfolding in her mind.

I am here at my desk, with my portfolio open. My daughter is about to enter deadly combat with a "Greek Hero's Worst Nightmare." I watch her out of the corner of my eye. It is then I notice, we both have the same smile on our face.

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