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Rated: E · Outline · Action/Adventure · #2152471
It’s a story passed down from a long time ago about a certain tribe...
It’s a story passed down from a long time ago about a certain tribe. They are far stronger and smarter than normal people. Some of them even possess very special abilities. They can only live for a short period of time, though. In fact, they can only live for about 20 years… However, there is a certain method to live longer. Every several decades, a special boy will be born. The only way to live longer is to consume the boy’s blood and flesh. Since the boy is a precious medicine to prolong life, he must not be consumed all at once. The boy shall be confined and barely kept alive, while his blood and flesh are drained, bit by bit, and shared among the people of the tribe. When certain conditions are met, the boy can destroy the whole tribe. But, that “special boy” has escaped and is now on the run. It is said that he is a beautiful boy who hides a demon inside him and charms both men and women. He loathes the idea of being confined and forced to spend his days half-alive, but now that he’s fled, he may be exposing the entire tribe—hundreds of people—to a danger called death. Moreover, there must be those who are dear to him in the tribe. I wonder how that child feels inside? I bet it’s something normal people can’t even begin to imagine.
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