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Just an experiment in ending each line with a long "A" sound. Not necessarily rhyming.

I walked away not unscathed

Down this road by bone paved

A highway to death and shame

Hell is but a pit stop on the way

Magma berms might conflagrate

And narrow the path of burning fate

Blistered feet and blood incinerate

I do not walk this way unfazed

For on my back your mark was blazed

Reciprocation for the Cain I raised

Carved your initials with a rusty blade

Infected me and left your stain

A curse which births perpetual pain

Flaying my skin, soul not sustained

I do not venture beyond your gaze

Like Sauron, some dark tower mage

Your wrath comes down, fueled by rage

What contemptuous playwright inked your page

Your soothing hymn was only to delay

A venomous strike, masked in the sway

Of a faux healer's dance and play

For now my ignorance was your catalyst of blame

And I walk not in the light of day

But in the shadows of death and decay

While you sit on high to say

My sentence has lead you astray

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