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by Kat
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This is a rant I wrote some time ago, but I feel it still has merit.
Some folks just feel the need to try to make others feel bad so that they can feel like they are better than others. It's just a sign of a low self esteem and weakness. They can't take the time or effort to try to better them selves so instead they just waste their time and energy on trying to make others feel as if their life is worse.

The best thing to do when something that has nothing to do with you makes you angry, is to look into the mirror and ask yourself why something that has no direct impact on your life pisses you off so much. Generally speaking it usually comes down to the fact that someone else has the strength and courage to be who they want to be.

It's amazing how much self hatred motivates people to lash out at others rather than face what they see as flaws in themselves. Most folks who don't have the strength to be what they want to be tend to be jealous and hate others who do have that strength.

Also the desperate need to fit in and be accepted makes them even angrier when they see someone else who doesn't feel the need to conform to be happy. Personally I just feel sorry for sheeple like that; and yes I meant to say SHEEPLE.

Sheeple are like sheep, they keep their heads down and follow the herd and never ask why the herd goes in the direction it goes in, and they just follow. Did you know that sheep trained to follow the sound of a bell will continue to follow that bell even if it is thrown off of a cliff? Even when they see the other sheep ahead of them falling to their deaths they will continue to simply follow the herd.

I don't understand why anyone would choose that lifestyle, so I say WAKE UP ALL OF YOU SHEEPLE! You're heading for the cliffs edge, you might want to actually think for yourself and choose another direction before it's too late.
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