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A Jeffreys Sonnet (described in the link to the poem) about blindness
Jeffreys Sonnet - 8 syllable per line, 2 sestets with a cross-rhymed couplet (2nd to 4th syllable in each couplet line). There also is a cross-rhyme in the 1st line (2nd to 4th syllable) of the 2nd sestet, tying the 1st sestet to the 2nd.

What does your face look like today?
And is your dark hair turning gray?
My mind sees tresses black as night,
but once-keen images can fade
as passing time works to abrade
the details from one’s lifeless sight.

The morning light once touched my soul,
back when my view of life was whole.
Now I rely on other eyes
to see the world that I once knew.
The stars so bright, the sky so blue,
the magic burst of each sunrise.

To my surprise, other senses
breach the fences of compromise.
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