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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2152859
Two pairs of lips finally make contact on the shores of a beach.
         The sun cascaded an orange aura around Them. They walked along the shoreline, Their feet forming depressions in the sand. The navy blue water casted itself towards Them, tickling Their toes and soaking Their ankles. They eventually stopped moving, but instead, staring at one another.

         He gazed into Her dark eyes making a smile spread across Her face. The rays of the sun bounced off the reflective surface of Her shiny teeth. He couldn’t help but feel awestruck by Her, and how much She meant to Him.

         Her smile faded but a look of surprised replaced it, because when She looked down, He had taken Her hands into His. She looked up at His face, only to be met with His much lighter, but equally reassuring eyes. They spoke to Her, saying how much He needed Her.

         Her shiny teeth bit her bottom lip that had been kissed by the sun from the days prior to that moment. She noticed His eyelids start to shut, slowly, with caution. She knew what was coming and She embraced it and the potential of how magical it would feel. She closed her eyes, the world blacking out around Her, and puckered Her lips before slowly leaning her head towards His.

         He could hear three steady, pounding beats in His chest before His lips made contact with Hers. Strawberry flavored lip gloss that once only coated Her lips, now covered His as well. The taste was intoxicating and made Him crave more than what was given.

         She was the first to start pulling away, even though She didn’t desire it. Her lips departed from His, leaving a tingling, almost numbing sensation upon Her lips, marking where His once were.

         Dreams do come true kept echoing throughout His head as Their lips separated. A smile stretched itself across His lips, making the small dimples on His cheek visible.

         He slowly opened His eyes, only to be met with the glowing red text of His alarm clock, reading 3:22 A.M.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2152859