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This poem describes the trials and tribulations Jesus encountered to save us.
He took beatings without mercy to suffer for us.
Unable to recognize Him, broken down, and on His back so we could have a BETTER life.
There were no hatred or strife, so I ask..
Who will cry for Jesus?
His skin was torn and pierced in which they laughed.
The pain he felt to take on the sins of this world.
Again beaten, unrecognizable and on His back.
He did it to SAVE our life.
No hatred, no strife, but only a knife that pierced His side.
So I ask.....
Who will cry for Jesus?
The people cursed Him, laughed at Him, hated Him, refused to believe on Him and never planned to.
They threatened Him, warned Him, tried to kill Him.
And they did, because He let them.
He gave His OWN life, no hatred or strife..and now,
We have LIFE.
Who will cry for Jesus?
The man who made the biggest sacrifice.
The man who took on death, and gave His last breath.
The man who set the way for us all.
The man who would NEVER let His people fall.
So let me answer...
We will cry for Jesus.
Cry for Him, to Him, over Him, make it all about Him.
We will follow Him, praise Him, worship Him, love Him, glorify Him, and LIVE for Him.
Us. The believers, His body, because I know everyone do not want this life.
but Our life? This is our life. The life thats not our own but His.
So our hearts will cry for Him, and our mouths will open to cry His name for Him.
We will be that light, and that light shall never darken.
We cry of Joy. Because the Lords joy is our joy.
Just as His word says,
The Earth is the Lord's and the fulness there of.
That is Victory. Victory is what we cry.
Victory is what we cry because when he died...we also did die.
We died to sin....So let us cry....
To die is gain. We put on Christ.
That is Victory. Victory is what we cry.
We cry for Jesus.

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