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A continuation of Diaper Day's Part 1
There is a story of mine called Diaper Days Part 1. To access this book go onto my portfolio and you can read it. Otherwise the book may not make sense. Thanks for your support.

Chapter 9: So it begins

After everything and everyone got cleaned up, Evelyn's mom turned to Evelyn and told her that it was her turn to get diapered. Feeling confident since she had already outlasted Lizzy, Evelyn readily layed down on the changing mat. After a bit of powdering, and taping, the little red head was set to go. After getting up, she was initially surprised by the slight more bulk to the diaper that she didn't experience in a pull-up. After a few awkward steps she became able to walk almost normally. She trotted over to Lizzy who was sitting over by the window in nothing but a diaper and shirt playing with the curtain.

Lizzy sent a lazy smile towards Evelyn as she sat down by her. Soon Lizzy yawned which caught onto Evelyn. After seeing this exchange, Evelyn's mom said they ought to take a nap.

Chapter 10: Level 1: Infant

Upon waking, Evelyn was disappointed, she had dreamt that she and Lizzy had both been in diapers, and that they were in a competition to become potty trained. Then she felt the familiar wetness in her crotch and went to go change her pull-up. It was only then that she noticed her surroundings. There was a crib and changing pad, and a stack of diapers on her dresser.

"Oh my gosh!" Evelyn thought, "It wasn't a dream"

Quickly she stripped off her pants to check her diaper and was pleased to see a sagging Pampers with a cute little Elmo on the front and the wetness indicator blue. She rushed downstairs without putting on her pants to a kitchen with Lizzy sitting in a high chair and her mom making grilled cheese for lunch.

Seeing her daughter, Evelyn's mom said "Well look who's up. I was about to get you."

Once sitting down with the girls who were both in high chairs, Evelyn's mom started to explain what their world would be like from now on.

"First things first from now on this is the first level. The rules for this level is that

1. you are a infant.

2. You can't get yourselves out of bed, your highchair, etc.

3. You can't talk except baby words and crying

4. You must use your diapers for their intended use

5. You cannot take your diapers off. Only I can change them.

6. I will be called mama from now on

7. To pass this level you must follow these rules for a full 2 days.

These rules are for the introductory level as you might call it. Not following these rules can result in not passing this level, and possibly spankings. This all starts now

Evelyn immediately loved it and apparently her bowels did too, because not 30 seconds after this, Evelyn began to feel her bowels shift and a squirt of poop fill her diaper. Smelling this, Evelyn's mom smiled at her daughter saying "I think someones getting the hang of it." Then picked up Evelyn with surprising ease and went to change her.

Chapter 11: Level 1 Continued

As Evelyn's mom took her upstairs to get her diaper changed she smiled at Evelyn who tightened her hug around her. Then when they arrived upstairs, Evelyn's mom took her to the changing mat and laid her on it removing the girl's shirt and tickling her belly. Then she stuck her nose under her shirt and began to untape the smelly diaper.

"Oh wow!" mom exclaimed from under the t-shirt, "Someone made a stinky."

Then she systematically began to remove the dirty diaper, clean the privates, and place a fresh pampers onto her daughter's waist.

Then she lifted her daughter up and went downstairs to find a horror scene. In the kitchen Lizzy had gotten out of her high chair and had obviously tried to get another grilled cheese for herself but had tipped the pan and spilled the melted cheese sandwich onto the floor which she was currently trying to clean up.

"What are you doing baby!" mom cried rushing over to Lizzy after setting Evelyn down into a highchair. Then she scoped Lizzy up and placed her into the other chair and began to immediately lecture Lizzy. Didn't I just explain the rules to you. No getting out of your high chair without my help.

"I'm sorry Aunt Rebecca." Lizzy said sobbing, "I was just trying to get more food."

"I don't want to make you feel bad but you just broke two more rules. You're supposed to call me mama and use baby language."

"Yes mama" Lizzy responded still sobbing.

"Oh come here baby," mom says picking up Lizzy, "I love you so much. Also you've made a stinky as well. However, I've learned from my mistakes and I'm going to bring the changing mat down here so I can keep a watch on both of you." She hurriedly ran upstairs then so not to let them out of her sight for more than 30 seconds.

Oh no, Evelyn thought. This was going to be embarrassing to have her cousin watch her diaper changed every time. Oh why did you have to do something stupid like that Lizzy. Gosh.

As if reading her mind Lizzy said "Sorry, I swear I won't watch you getting your diaper changed ever."

"Baby language Lizzy honey" mom said as she walked back down the stairs. "You've put an extra day onto this level. Don't let Evelyn beat you. She's already a day ahead now."

Chapter 12: Rebel

Later that day, Lizzy woke up from a nap to a stream of sunlight poking it's way through the curtains. She had a huge mess in her diaper but she was so content just lying there in the crib. After a while she began to play with the diaper and smush the poop around her butt making her feel naughty.

At first this whole thing of becoming a baby had been a competition against her cousin, but now she was really starting to enjoy it. She liked the feeling of being treated with such love even if she acted bad. She was so happy that this had happened and was almost ashamed of her feelings before the trip wishing that she wouldn't have to come over. She was so happy that here she was able to express her inner rebel instead of following the strict rules that her parents usually had at home.

Thinking of being a rebel, she wondered what she could do to be one. On one hand she still wanted to beat Evelyn, on the other she didn't care because this day wouldn't count anyways. After a while, she decided that she would be really disgusting and do something that she used to do when she was a toddler. She quickly took off her pants threw them out of the crib, then untapped her messy diaper and threw that out of the crib as well letting her poopy butt lay on the sheets getting them all dirty, and when she looked out of the crib she saw that the diaper had landed face down with the clean side on the carpet.

Then she started the last part of her terrible and rebellious plan. She started to cry so to get her aunt's attention. Soon enough Lizzy saw her aunt's head poke in and then start to rush towards her but was stopped halfway to the crib when her aunt looked down to see that she had just stepped in the messy diaper.
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