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Global business consultant revealed how any entity can grow fast & make an impact for good
Jose Pineiro Cortes is a renowned global business consultant who has revealed how any entity can grow fast and make an impact for good. He has shared profound learning and observations on the basis of business. He has made efforts on thought-expanding into the radical changes he sees in business and economic trends that will make or break a company.

Jose Pineiro Cortes possesses a rare ability to distill meaningful and meaningless business. He has the guts and confidence to take risky financial decisions. He is no ordinary consultant. He lives and breathes what he observes and advises to others. He handles Management and Administration of mercantile companies and is an expert in Tax Advice with more than 35 years representing businessmen in tax inspection procedures.

Jose Pineiro Cortes has taught numerous courses on finance, managers' responsibility, accounting closings, business growth days, Taxes. He has remained as a former professor at business schools in the areas of Finance, Tax Regime of the company, and Analysis of financial statements and Valuation of Companies.

Jose’s non-stop global travels and expose gave him an unparalleled, up-to-date insider view of how economies and leading companies operate. Through keen observation and analysis, he helps business leaders face their toughest challenges in the areas of growth, talent development, and business expansion.

Even more remarkable, his is a well-earned track-record of unmatched perspicacity, calm candor in the assessing, evaluating and predicting of trends, genuine humility and respect for others, and concise, brilliantly actionable strategy development. His work is backed by diligent research and a relentless, fresh sense of wonder.
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