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by Amarra
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #2152968
He set everything he has left ablaze. He won't give them the satisfaction of taking it.
The men who had once been his comrades, his coworkers, dropped him on the gravel road, one that leads up to what was once his house. He swung up, his clothes puffing up soot as he kicked at their legs, still clinging to the last thing he could grab; A music box. His hands shook as he clenched it tight against his chest, daring them to take that away as well. "You monsters! How could you all be so heartless?!" He spat, rolling up onto his knees as spittle flung and dribbled down his chin - All of his dignity and self-respect tossed out the proverbial, now ashen, window.

He looked up at his 'friends'. "I'm sorry, Cassius. Business is business. It's funny how you ask us that when Mrs.Donovan asked you the very same question six months ago."

"They were dying, I had nothing left!!" He howled, his heart aching for his beloved Bethany and the love of his life. His sweet baby girl... Already half a corpse when he returned, and poor Helena had already knocked on death's door and was awaiting his arrival. Tears welled and tumbled from his eyes, the pain more powerful than what was left of his pride.

"You should have thought of that." One shook his head and tsked, "You know the Brambles doesn't heal, you were grasping at straws, wasting every coin you had le-"

He snapped up and rammed a shoulder into him. "She was eight years old!!" The others grabbed him, yanking him away from the other man.

"You're lucky we don't toss you in a cell and throw away the key!! Do you realize that what you've done has cost you just more money?! You had no vengeance - Go ahead, burn your own house to the ground." He violently motioned to the burning inferno, "We don't care! You've done nothing but prolong this horrid affair, and made things so much harder for you." He fell to his knees once more as they let go, no strength left in them. "You're lucky we're letting you keep that-" He pointed to the box he held, "And only because there'd be more work than it's worth." He snapped his coat and turned. "Good evening, Cassius. Good luck finding a place to sleep tonight."

Gravel crunched as the group walked away. Cassius didn't move until he couldn't hear the sound anymore; only then did he lean back off his aching knees and let out the sob he had been holding back. He had wondered why he never got the letters Helena wrote... She always wrote to him when he was away. He opened the lid of the box, letting the tune flit out. He could still hear his Helena's voice sing the words...

                   "Know that I love you; Take it in, hold it tight, never let it go. For I, will never leave you in the dark..."

His mangled tune could never compare to her sweet melody. The last thing that remained.
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