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by Hamsa
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Removing the insecurity that beauty should have oneshape,Because beauty has so many types.
Standards of beauty according to society, They are variable just like day and night.
Each day a new fashion trend is replacing another, but what is dangerous, that on the other days they try to convince us that some features in women's physical look is more attractive than others.
and unfourtantely some women they DO believe that they aren't that beautiful accordingly in the eyes of the society, Because they don't acquire those features.
and that makes "feeling beautiful" which is one of the simplest acquired natrually feelings for any human being on earth the "Second challenge" put by society infront of women after the challenge of "She can't do anything like men and she isn't less clever".
Imagine..That natrual feeling could become a challenge!
Curvy women start to hate their bodies because they don't have a thigh gap.
and skinny women start to hate their bodies because they are being bullied as they aren't curvy.
According to what?
Society's current standards and trends.
Some women get "Anorexia nervousa", it makes them feel sick when they eat because they don't want to gain weight and when they stand infront of the mirror, Nomatter how kilos they've lost, They never feel good enough..Although they could be even prettier when they are chubby.
They deprive themselves from their favourite food. and more worse, They don't feel beautiful although they could be the prettiest.
So if you do have thick brows, Thin brows, clear skin, freckled skin, skinny body, curvy body. whatever your features are. You are subjected to those trends.
The thing is each woman never knows her true beauty and that another woman wants because they are both thinking of the features they don't have.
Stop believing those trends, Start believing in yourself.
Start loving how you look like in your PJS sitting at home and singing your favourite song and making your own concert, Only with a brush as a mike.
Start loving your bare face without makeup, After removing it or even go out without it dosen't make you less beautiful.
Start seeing yourself from the inside before the outside, Believe me nomatter how you are pretty from the outside, Only inner beauty makes you truly "Beautiful".
Not every girl who is "pretty" deserves to be called "Beautiful" only inside beauty gets you this previlige.
I just remember a quote of miranda kerr which is a beauty Icon that says " A rose can never be a sun flower and a sun flower can never be a rose, All flowers are beautiful in their own way and that's like women too".
A bruentte's beauty dosen't make a blonde's beauty less attractive, and a tanned skin dosen't make a white skin less attractive.
Girls, From All of my heart, Without anything that society trends convinced you to have inorder to be beautiful, You are beautiful.
Be whatever you like, Look in the mirror and know you are blessed, You are created by God and there's no creation greater than his.

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