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by K. Ray
Rated: E · Fiction · Legal · #2153236
A prosecutor experiences the supernatural in the courtroom
This character is one within a larger piece I am working on. The story begins by exploring what happens to various characters from their POV when "The Call" goes out. The story will explain what the call is, where it comes from, and what it means for the future of these characters. For now, I am working on each character separately and this is one of them.

CHARACTER FILES: Alexander Townley
         At the Saint George courthouse, Alexander Townley is prosecuting the case Felix Valasquez, a drug dealer caught on a traffic stop with a quantity of marijuana and cocaine enough to qualify him as a dealer. The offender has pled guilty and today's hearing is for sentencing. The judge is in the middle ore reading the plea agreement aloud for the stenographer when the trumpet sounds. It sounds distant at first, perhaps a car horn in the court parking lot, but as it continues it increases in volume until it drowns out what the judge is saying. Alexander stands still, a court veteran just dealing with another distraction, but he sneaks a glance over to the defense table. No one appears to hear the noise, or they're better at ignoring it than he is. The judge is still reading - his lips are moving--and Alex does not dare interrupt him to question anyone about the noise, but he can't help but grimace at what is now a painful, blaring, high note.
         The transition between when Judge David Barton appeared normally and when he changed into a grinning wolf-man was immeasurable. David screamed in a combination or shock and terror, tripped over the chair as he tried to back away, and fell on his ass. He righted himself quickly and sat in the seat. The wolf spoke in the clear baritone he recognized as the judge, "Are you alright?"
         Fuck, no he was not alright. As he looked around the room he wasn't sure he was in the same zipcode as alright. Evelyn Banks, the defense attorney, looked like a world in the same pack as the judge. Her client was a lamb, and the symbolism caught him offguard. Felix had originally claimed innocence and, according to Evelyn, the drugs were planted by a rival gang member. He turned in his chair to look at the small number of people present in the gallery. They were a mixture of wolves and sheep. "Can we take a break?" He said, standing to face the judge once more.
         "Are you kidding? No. I'm in the middle of the reading!"
         Alex returned to his best at-attention pose. "Sorry, Your Honor. Go ahead."
         The wolf coughed once, then directed the stenographer (sheepish) to note the break and resumption. He resumed where he left off and as the reading continued Alex grabbed his briefcase and prepared himself to leave as soon as he could.

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