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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #2153310
The portal between Earth and Asgard suddenly closes and two friends find a secret plot.
prompt: The portal closed suddenly word count: 3,069

In the kingdom of Nethaal, people from all over the Earth were traversing on a long rainbow bridge where there was an enormous portal of spiraling blue clouds at the end. But there were other beings besides humans on the bridge. There were mighty centaurs, giants, fluttering fairies, speaking unicorns and more other worldly beings. On one day, a human named Able and his griffin friend Nephiro were conversing.

“So how is life in Asgard Nephiro?” said Able.

The griffin rolled his eyes. “Odin wants to build another tower in the northern lands and make it the new capital there.”

“That is the third time in two years! How does the kingdom feel about it?”

“Most respect his decision. He is after all the wisest being alive,” said Nephiro.

“Perhaps, but that does not mean he is perfect,” Able chuckled. “King Solomon was the wisest human who ever lived and he was not perfect.”

“Good point,” Nephiro said titling his head.

Just as they were about to pass through the portal, it began to flicker and shrink.

“The portal is closing!” yelled Nephiro.

Everyone on the bridge began to yell and draw back from the portal as it reverberated with quaking thunder. The pandemonium went on even after the whole portal was gone.

“What could cause such a thing?!” exclaimed Able. “What just happened?!”

“Someone must have removed the Light Stone from its place in the tower of Asgard or the other one in here on earth!”

“But how?”

Able shook his head and exhaled deeply. “I don’t know but the answer will have to wait. We have to vacate the bridge.”

The two friends went with the crowd down the green marble staircase. After this, Able and Nephiro walked to one of the fountains by the city square to talk things over.

Able began. “There only two possible ways the Light Stone could have gotten stolen: either there is a magical being of great power never heard of that could over power the many guardians of the Stone or one of the guardians did it themselves.”

“We should investigate,” Nephiro suggested.

Able nodded. “Agreed. An invisibility charm should aid our intent,” Able suggested.

“They have all been lost. How will we get one?” asked the griffin.

Abel grinned. “My grandfather Bronus has one he keeps as a souvenir he got from a merchant when he was young when invisibility charms were much more prevalent.”

Nephiro looked down and shook his head. “But it’s not like he’ll just give it to you.”

“I have a plan. Trust me.”

Able motioned with his head for Nephiro to follow him. They did not talk along the way to Able’s grandfather. At last they reached a large grey stone house with large double doors. Able knocked. Several moments later, they opened revealing a wrinkly, grey bearded tall man dressed in a clean cut tunic of blue and green. “Able! You haven’t visited me in the longest time! And hello Nephiro. I’m happy to see you too. Please come in.”

Both entered and sat on two wooden stools. “The most advantageous opportunity has come your way,” said Able. “The Hall of Antiquities has heard of your invisibility charm and the caretakers want to display it.”

“I told you I wanted it kept a secret. Why did you tell them?”

“It wasn’t our fault. We were both discussing about the magic talismans and one of the curators heard me mention you have an invisibility charm.”

Bronus sat on a wooden a chair, slouched down then ran his hand down his face. He exhaled deeply and slowly shook his head. “Well, it’s out in the open now. I don’t see how anything could get worse.” He stood and went to a cupboard and took out an orange gem and handed it to Able. “ Now off you go.”

Able lingered with a slight frown. “Grandfather, just out of curiosity, how do you use it?”

“You intend on using it?” Bronus asked.

“Okay, I do have an ulterior motive. I want to play a practical joke on someone.”

“It’s not to be used in such a way.”

“But grandfather, what good is it having it if you don’t use it?”

Bronus folded his arms and chuckled. “When my father told me he about the charm, I asked him again and told me how to use it. Eventually he gave in. I see where you’re coming from. Very well.”

Able and Nephiro both did small hope and gave a broad smile. “Thanks Bronus.”

“Touch the stone and imagine being invisible. To reappear, just do the opposite. Off you go now.”

Then the two friends darted out of the house.

They decided to go right to the heart of the possible incident and go to the Light Stone chamber in a tower close to the bridge. They went to a secluded place in the corner of the castle wall.

“I wish the portal to Asgard did not require magical stones. This never would have happened,” said Nephiro. “What do we do if we find the earth’s Lights Stone has not been stolen? That means the Light Stone was removed in Asgard.”

Able stroked his chin. “Let us just hope there is something on this world that we can do.” Able took out the invisibility charm. “Time to vanish.”

Both closed their eyes and touched the stone. When they opened their eyes, neither could see each other.

“Uncanny!” exclaimed Nephiro.

“Quiet! Lets’ get moving.” answered Able.

The Light Stone tower was close and an open archway was the entrance. Two guards in chain mails stood on both sides of the archway. Able gripped the edge of Nephiro’s wing so they would get separated. Able had soft cloth tied to the bottom of his boots and the phoenix had his claws padded with large cotton balls as not to make any sound. They came to the door of a spiraling staircase that lead them to the top. On the pinnacle, wizards, soldiers and dignitaries were a bustle and anxious tension filled the air. And there in the middle was a golden spire where the Light Stone was supposed to be.”

“They seem quite busy,” said Nephiro.

“They’re investigating. Let’s listen in a bit.”

A bulky man in a wizard’s mantle was talking with one of the royal dignitaries in a scarlet and grey robe.

“There is no doubt; someone on our side has taken the Light Stone. The whole situation reeks of treachery.”

The dignitary replied to the wizard. “Yes but who is it? For all we know the culprit could be in Asgard with the Stone.” The man looked down and veered his eyes. “It is getting late. Let’s continue our discussions inside.

Everyone present, except for the two eavesdroppers, left the tower.

“Well, there is nothing more we can discover here. We should probably follow them all,” said Nephiro.

Able froze then looked around slowly. “Wait. Don’t you feel that?”

“I don’t feel anything,” replied the griffin.

“There some kind of magical aura is coalescing right around us.”

Suddenly a small sphere of green light appeared.

The two friends gasped and backed away. They began to breathe heavily with wide eyes.

The sphere grew until it was eight feet tall. A man with a helmet that had two long horns coming out of it appeared where the sphere was.

“It’s Loki!” Nephiro said in a hushed exclamation.

“But he was banished centuries ago into the dark realm!”

Loki, brought out a shining crystal.

Loki rose into the air and put the Light Stone on the Spire. “Soon the army of the dark realm will ravish every realm and I will have my revenge!”

Suddenly, from the tower, they saw the portal open.

The god of mischief descended and disappeared into the sphere of light that disappeared in a flash of light.

“This can’t be good! We have to tell the king!”

“Wait! How do we become seeable again?” asked Nephiro.

“We just think about being visible. But we’ll have to do it outside of the castle.”

Nephiro and Able sprinted down the stairs and retraced their steps out of the castle and to the wall corner. Moments later, they saw each other.

It was night and people were gasping and shouting for joy. Some were questioning what had happened while others of Asgard thanked Odin for the portal’s reappearance.

“Come on. Let’s go!” spoke Able.

“We will have to tell them how we saw Loki.”

“I know. Nevertheless, it is our duty whatever comes,” said Able. ”

“Will he believe us?”

“If we use the charm to appear in front of him he knows at least we were invisible.”

“Using the charm, the two friends made their way to the throne room where the king was discussing with the wizards and noblemen what had just happened and who put the Light Stone back in its place.

Then, using the power of the charm, they manifested into plain sight. Everyone in the room gasped and backed away. “Who are you wizard and why are you in my chambers?!”

Able took out the charm for all to see. “I trust you all know what this is?” said Able.

“An invisibility charm! I thought they we all lost decades ago?” said a wizard in a blue robe.

“King Kromious, I know of one who has been keeping it secret for some time,” said Able.

“We know who put the Light stone back on the tower spire. It was Loki,” Nephiro put forth.

“Impossible! He has been exiled in the dark realm. Moreover, why would the god of mischief do such and act?”

“With the charm’s power we saw him do it with our own eyes,” replied Nephiro.

“Let us go to Asgard and see if anything has happened to prove your case,” spoke king Kromious.

Without delay, a small group chosen individuals were sent with the king and Nephiro and Able through the portal. On the other side were golden towers that reached up to the clouds filled the sliver streets. Flying unicorns soared in the night sky where stars and nebulae glowed with a nostalgic resonance.

“Let us go to Odin’s castle.”

A few paces in front of the group was a circular disk object on its side with metal crest with a dragon and a phoenix on it.

“Let us hope the teleporter in working.”

Everyone stepped onto the metal platform. And in a burst of light, they were standing before Odin sitting on an ivory throne.

“Greetings Lord Odin. There are some who claim that Loki has mysteriously escaped his confines and is meddling with interdimensional travel between Asgard and earth.”

Odin wore his notable eye patch where he had lost his eye. His hair was white like snow and his single eye was a sea-blue. He wore a matching azure robe and gripped a golden rod. “Hello king Kromious. I have not seen or heard any sign of Loki. Who claims this?”

The group parted, leaving Nephiro and able in the midst. “It’s true. We used an invisibility charm and we saw him put it back. More disturbingly, we hear him say to himself he would have his revenge. He said he was amassing an army from the dark realm.”

Odin leaned back and stroked his white beard. “Hmm…only one of our three high mages could free him or even speak to him. And they are always with me here in the throne room.”

“But the question remains. Who took the Light Stone on earth and who put it back?” mused king Kromious.

“It could be a wizard who is marauding in the form of Loki,” said Odin.

“But what would be the purpose?” asked Able.

Odin veered his eyes. “I don’t know. But it is the more likely explanation. I will look into this mystery. For now there is no reason to worry.”

“Thank you Lord Odin. We will leave now. Farewell.”

In another burst of light they were back where they were.

“Whatever the case, it is good you saw what you saw. Odin will get to the bottom of this,” said King Kromious.

Suddenly a man in a human wizard’s robe ran up to them with glossy eyes. “My Lord!”

“Euricle! You’re supposed to be guarding the Light Stone on earth unless you are told to take any leave. Why are you here?”

“The human and the griffin are right! Loki is free!”

“What are you talking about? Explain yourself,” demanded the king.

“The last time we did the annual gift exchange I heard a very rare gem exists in the under caves.”

“That is where the portal that Loki was banished to was made,” said the king.

“I know. Although it was quite deep, I was fixed on getting this gem.”

“What exactly happened then?”

“While I was looking for it, I saw from behind a corner one of the three mages that serve Odin.”

“But, all three of them were always in the throne room,” the king returned,

“That “mage” was an impostor transformed to look like the mage. I saw Loki come out of the portal and he said that he would unleashed an army of dark beings on Asgard and earth.”

Able spoke up. “But why would a mage do that?”

The wizard was breathing heavily. “The army of the dark realm exceeds two million warriors. The mage knows none of the realms can thwart such a force. In return for freeing Loki, he promises the mage will rule with him over all realms that are joined with a portal.”

“Good heavens! How long ago was this?” asked king Kromious.

“It occurred three days before the day of gift trading, four months ago.”

“When does Loki plan to attack?” asked Nephiro?

He will lay siege to all the realms in three days,” said the wizard. “To keep him from carrying out his plot, I took the Light Stone on earth, closing all access to all worlds traversable by portal.”

“That is why he replaced the Earth’s Light Stone!” exclaimed Able with wide eyes.

“But how did he get to earth if he was cut off from coming to earth?” the king put forth.

The wizard took a deep breath and clasped his hands. “I believe the mage is using the forbidden Nebulae Rod.”

“What is that?” asked the king.

“It is the only object in the universe that can open realm portals without the need of a Light Stone.”

“How did he know it was you that stole it?” asked Able.

“I acted foolishly. I hid it in my robe and went to the dungeon to hide it. Some people saw me go to the dungeon and when I was not at my post guarding the Lights Stone, Loki suspected me and heard from others of where I went and found it then replaced it. I should have been more candid.”

“I can’t believe this. It’s like a nightmare. What will we do?” mused king Kromious.

“We must keep Loki from bringing his army out of the dark realm,” said Able.

“And how do we do that?” asked the wizard.

“Perhaps eliminating the mage and Loki would the most effective. I suggest using the invisibility charm,” said Able.

“That will give us the element of surprise. All we need now is the sword of Excalibur. It is the only sword I know of that was forged in dragon’s fire. I will fetch it and inform Odin of the situation alone.”

It was agreed, with Odin’s permission, that Able would obtain the sword and use the charm to quietly go to the under caves and wait when the mage would contact Loki next. With only three days remaining, no time was wasted in setting up watch at the entrance to the under caves. Soon darkness came. Then Able saw the light of a torch coming his way. It was the mage. Able followed him into the cave. The air was moist, carrying the smell of soil and rock. The mage did not go very deep into the cave. Finally he stopped and brought a golden and silver rod then uttered few words. A portal, much like the enormous one on the bridge only smaller, appeared. Loki stepped out.

“Have you convinced all of the dark realm to join you yet?” said the mage.

“Everything will be ready for the invasion, I assure you,” replied Loki.

The mage froze. “There are some who are privy to our plans. And one of them is with us this very moment.” He turned and faced Able. “I now you’re there,” said the mage as his voiced echoed.

Able tried running away, but he felt his body tighten and freeze and the charm fall from his hand. Next he looked down and could see his legs.

“I heard all that was said in the throne room and when that infernal wizard came to you. I see you have the sword of Excalibur. I’ll take that.” The sword flew from Able’s belt and the mage caught it on the hilt.

The mage conjured fireball in his hand ready to cast it at Able. Suddenly the mage was dashed against the wall and Loki fell back into the portal. The sorcerer lost his magical grip on Able’s body and the Nebulae Rod. Able scooped it up. The stunned man got up then the Excalibur was drawn from his belt and appeared to float into Able’s hands. The mage’s hands were producing lighting between them. Before he could unleash his attack, he too was thrust into the portal with Loki.

Then Nephiro appeared, holding the charm in his beak. He dropped it to speak. “Destroy the rod with the sword!” he said.

Able struck the rod on the ground and an explosion light filled the cave and the portal closed.

“You did it Nephiro!?”

“We did it!”

“How did you make it here?”

“Your feet were leaving tracks in the dirt. And a phoenix’s eye sight is lie that of an owls. That’s how saw your tracks.”

Able smiled and sighed. “All the realms owe us a great debt. It’s over now.”

With that the two friends went to Odin and also King Kromious telling them of the occurrence. A great celebration was held on Earth and Asgard. It was a day that would be looked back on forever.

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