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(Based on the book of John, chapters eleven and twelve.)
After Jesus called Lazarus forth from his tomb,
the priests and Pharisees would plot His doom.
Many Jews that witnessed all Jesus had done
had come to believe He was indeed God’s son.

Some who witnessed these miraculous deeds
went to speak of these works to the Pharisees.
The Pharisees were worried about what to do,
stories of Jesus’ miracles, they knew were true.

If they did nothing, then all men would believe,
but high priest Caiaphas had a plan conceived:
He said that one man could die for their nation
gathering God’s own from throughout creation.

The council of chief priests and Pharisees said
from this day forward they wanted Jesus dead.
They never told Him but Jesus somehow knew
and no longer walked openly among the Jews.

At this time, the Passover festival was at hand,
and people were aware of the Pharisees plans.
In the temple, the people shared their thoughts
asking one another if Jesus would come or not.

The priests and Pharisees then made a decree;
If any man were to learn where Jesus could be
they would be obliged to come and notify them
so they would be able to seize and arrest Him.

Jesus was in Bethany with Passover in six days,
(This was the place where Lazarus was raised.)
Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with oil using her hair
and the sweet smell of the ointment filled the air.

Judas then asked What Mary had done this for
saying selling it would raise money for the poor.
He had said this not because he actually cared,
but he was the treasurer, and his bag was bare.

Then Jesus told Judas to bother Mary no more,
when you are without Me there will still be poor.
People came to see Jesus, or Lazarus instead
since Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead.

The chief priests consulted to slay Lazarus too;
his being raised was making believers of Jews.
In Jerusalem a great crowd waited the next day
after hearing news that Jesus was on His way.

Jesus sat on a donkey’s colt and rode into town.
Seeing this, people yelled and crowded around.
As it was prophesied by Zechariah years before
Jesus showed He was truly Messiah once more.

The people praised Jesus and spread the word.
This infuriated the priests once they had heard.
The Pharisees said: “This is getting us nowhere.
Look, the whole world has gone after Him there.

Before the feast of Passover, Jesus now knew
He must go to the Father, His time now through.
Jesus loved His own in this world until the end.
Even Judas, whom Jesus knew let the Devil in.

After supper, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet,
each one, until He came to Simon Peter’s seat.
Then Peter asked Jesus why He was doing so.
Jesus replied to him that soon he would know.

Peter told Jesus He shall never wash his feet,
“If not, Jesus said, “Our time is now complete.”
Peter then looked at Jesus and instantly said
Jesus should wash his feet, hands, and head.

Jesus explained that if this, the master can do,
then servants could also wash each other too.
This was a lesson that we could all learn from;
If Jesus can help people, we too can do some.

In this world we are actually sister and brother,
there is no reason for us to not love each other.
This is the lesson He gave His twelve disciples.
A lesson for mankind to use for its own survival.

Mankind has needed this lesson since that day;
They called Him Messiah then turned Him away.
In fact, they later called for Jesus to be crucified.
They watched while He healed, then as He died.
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