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Finding a specific person in the sea of time would be impossible without it.
Kings would wear golden crowns. Priests had specific vestments that set them apart from the common person. Some people separated themselves physically by climbing mountains, heading out into deserts or into caves for solitude. Each of these things allowed for the people who did them to be distinguished from the millions of others by there surrounding location or items. Each jewel in the breastplate of judgment might be identical to our eyes, but their chemical structure is unique allowing for the garment to identify individuals even thousands of years after the fact.

Having a receptive mind and the ability to hide the source of knowledge obtained magically was the key to having a good conduit. Kings and prophets unheard of today were instrumental in shaping humanity. Without the view from the future, humankind would never have survived the first of many disasters to try to wipe us out. It should never have been able to get to that future to provide that help though.

How that bootstrap pulling was originally done is the focus of research.
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