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In the real sense, no man is truly capable of singular existence...

I take a cue from Pastor E. A Adeboye's message; IN GOD'S PRESENCE. Naturally, we always perceive that we are right, always! That is simply how the typical man views himself, which is why you often hear these: "Waec failed me, Jamb has jambed me again o!, That wicked lecturer failed me jare!...."

Why is it never the other way around?..

Perhaps, it was your fault.

But you'll rather choose to dwell in the solace that you can't be wrong. Sometimes too, you are right, yet, marked wrong. What then?..

As a kid, i wasn't actually the best in class, but I was good! I remember one event all to clearly in JSS2. At the end of the 2nd term, we were handed our report cards to take home. (you may want to know that prior to this, I was sustaining a promising climb, from 9th to 6th, to 5th,...) I was certain of an even better performance. Alas, I opened the report card and saw "18th." .phew!..I broke the news to my parents, emphasising that my teacher wickedly just wanted to fail me. All mummy's efforts to make my class teacher review my answer scripts and grade her son appropriately was futile. So "18th position" stayed like a stigma and for weeks my ego suffered.
The Master Planner had a bigger plan, you'll see that HE always does!. Today I realise that if I hadn't experienced that failure then, I probably wouldn't have known half as much as I do today, and wouldn't have had the privilege to become skilled in Ms. Word and Excel at a very young age.

On the bright side, the experience taught me to respect people more, irrespective of their position..everybody has a story.
I probably would have remained a mediocre or local champion (if you'd prefer) for life if not my past experience.

So rather than self-proclaiming yourself as being all wise and every-every... If you ever find yourself in that situation again...hard as it may be, try to see the bigger picture. If you cannot, Trust HE who's working it for you.
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