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This is part of yet another chapter from my Book Fear, that is entitled The Crime Scene
The sky was blood red. Death rose early that morning and when no one answered the phone at 271 Rosewood Place, just south of 10th. street in Sanitarium and the neighbors, as they usually did in such cases, called the 17th. street Control Station, where Detective Melisa Mann had just sat down at her desk, starting her usual morning coffee. Then the phone rang.
“Yes, how may I help you?”
“I’m Chester. Chester Hargrove and I am worried about my neighbors, the Johnsons. I haven’t seen them yet this morning. Both cars are still in the driveway and they are usually wide awake and on their way to work by this time on a Tuesday morning.”
“Well, myself and the rest of the neighbors thought you ought to know.”
“Was there a spot of blood on the porch?”
“Oh, yeah, well no there wasn't, but we thought, that is the neighbors and I thought you ought to know. Something just isn’t right here in Farmville.”
"Yeah, Farmville. You know where all the tinny space aliens live in that space movie. It's a joke. We are just a few streets down from here. ”
“Ok, well, I’ll look into it. “
“We were hoping you would get over here soon.”
“How soon is soon?”
“As fast as that tax payer car will get you here.”
“Ah, what the heck. I’m on my way.”
A half an hour later, Detective Mann was staring down at the imaginary pool of blood on the Johnson’s front porch.
“Yeah, he is or was a vice president at Fear Corporation.”
“I see. Has anyone tried knocking on the door?”
“We tried. Heck we nearly busted the dammed door open.”
“I see. “The detective walked around the back followed by the strange neighbor.
“Aren’t you going to knock? I mean on the front door?”
“What would be the point? You just told me you nearly knocked it down.”
“Here let me try this, "the detective said, pulling out her sap, or leather covered Billy-club and broke the glass on the back door and entered the premises. Then as the strange neighbor that lived next door named Chester started to follow her in, she pushed him back and stated, “Crime scene. Cops only, sorry fella. Can’t have you contaminating the crime scene, now can we?“
“How do you know it is crime scene?
“A Woman’s dead body is lying spread eagle on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood and someone carved her up like a three day turkey.”
“Oh, I see. Well I’ll skedaddle and let you do your work then, Detective, Menus was it?"
“The name is Mann, Detective Melisa Mann, Badge No. 8135-10. Call me anytime. You will be hear from us soon. Meanwhile, why don’t you go have some breakfast now back in 'Farmville' and let us clean this all up?”

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