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This is how I want to live.
I've always wanted to make a movie but, never been able to. Normally because I can't come up with any ideas for a movie. But recently I've had some ideas and I think I want to make a movie about how we impact others. So, I guess it would be more of a documentary. Something that makes people realize that we need to change how we act towards each other and that we need to become a stronger nation. Like the Beatles said, "come together right now..." we need to all ban together to make the world a better place to live. A place not controlled by our creations and not fighting each other on who makes bigger bombs but, how could we accomplish that if we, as a people, love war and think that we are better than everybody else. When in reality none of us are better than others we all are human, we all have the same necessities and we all want to make a difference. If you have ever wanted to make a difference in any way, shape or form stand up right now and come up on stage with me. This is still never going to be enough in the world we live in we need everyone and anyone we can get to make a big difference. "I have a dream." Martin Luther King jr. " four score and seven years ago..." Abraham Lincoln. "I have not failed a thousand times I have found a thousand ways this will not work." Einstein, all of these great men in history all wanted to make a difference and they were not alone people like Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa and the people in a program called Make a Wish. All of these people and so many more have and still are striving to make the world better. Well, I say we create a foundation called We The People. This program would be there to protect, provide, persuade, empower and better everyone but, as Robin Williams once said, "Every person who comes to the ranch is in need... of some form of physical or mental help. They're patients. But also every person who comes to the ranch is in charge of taking care of someone else-- whether it's cooking for them, cleaning them... or even as simple a task as listening. That makes them doctors." We are all patients and some of us are doctors to kids while others are doctors to other people. We all need to be doctors and help each other we need to do more to help others instead of being selfish and helping ourselves. "You're focusing on the problem. If you focus on the problem, you can't see the solution. Never focus on the problem!" Harold Gould. Moat people search their entire lives or at least the majority to find their reason for life I believe I have already found my reason for life... to make people happy and to help others. We live with the knowledge that one day we will all die and yet we live blissful and ignorant unwilling to accept the one rule of life that plays a part in everything and everyone. Most of us have lost someone in one way or another some of us have calmed the emotions from it others are still trying but, none of us, zero, have completely accepted the fact of life because we are either scared, sad, angry, confused or some other emotion when it comes to letting someone or something go. Another word for this is change. Some of us can handle change but, there are those who break down and never get back up, brush the dirt off and power through. When someone you love and care about passes away, we forget that we are not the only ones who are grieving because of the loss. So we hide away or completely isolate ourselves when we should be thinking of all the good times and not realizing how many memories we've made with people and all the people that are there to support you. But next to none of us do that do we. I know its hard and I know.l it sucks but, you have to remember that life's short so make sure you aren't wasting it when you could be doing something to make it better and easier for yourself and others. Life's hard weather it gets better or not is completely up to you and your actions so, make a change and have a good life because one day you're going to die so make a mark on the world before you leave.

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