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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Biographical · #2153531
a brief moment in time, reflecting on times past.
A tribute to Sophy

It was "A Day at the Circus judging another Cramp contest. Yep, the entries were starting to come in. How the years floated by. It seemed like only yesterday instead of sixteen years ago when it had been me authoring one of these stories. In point of fact, that had been the title of one, back in the day.

Today, as I pause to reflect, I feel like I am reliving "A Jump in Time, the story I wrote about time travel. Who would have thought? Here I am plopped in a future no-one back then could have imagined possible. Talk about a story worth writing about.

Back in 2002 that early story ended up pretty much writing itself. I am actually kind of proud of that one. How I tossed in the prompt about the talking parrot worked out pretty well. It is still a good read if anyone bothers checking out such things.

It has been awhile since I have gone back to see if anyone has read it recently or not.

Surprise! Someone has. Didn't leave a comment or a review though. I'd like to see more of those. All of us judges would. I try to leave a little review here and there when I can.

Even in those early years, you never knew what kind of wild prompts the judges would toss at you.

Hooves was there early on, giving me one of my first ribbons for something or other. I think it was "Rush Hour, the tearjerker about Kate and her relationship with her father. Yeah, that one still gave me hiccups and the occasional knee-jerk sigh when I thought about it. Some short stories get to you worse because you’re the one creating them. It is just that way.

Back in ‘03, a year later, I’d followed it up with "If Only in My Dreams ..., a Christmas tale that was another tear-jerker about good old dad. What a character. The judge said they had to wring out the hanky over that one.

Well. Looky here. Mostly poetry entries today. I’d dabbled there as well. My husband got a laugh out of "Our First Kiss and (hope no-one goes back to read that one) with my smelly feet exposed in poetic form. I only kept that entry around for him. We’d made some fine poetry together since then, hadn’t we? He’d knocked it out of the park helping me create that memory, though.

Well, time to finish judging. Here was that silly Bobturn again. He reminded me of those early years with my fascination for entering the Cramps. Would I do it all over again? You bet I would. Thinking of way back when … why not some prompts for a contest to celebrate my years together with the Writer’s Cramp?

Let see, if I jot down the names, yes. I just better, to make sure I get the right titles. Maybe one or two writers might even go back and visit them in their own time machine to the past. The WdC is good at preserving some real antiquities for history buffs.

rush hour
a jump in time
the cat's meow
our first kiss
if only in my dreams
a day at the circus

Yep. Just look at them. I'm proud as punch at where they led me. They are all tucked away where good memories should go. I hope Lenard Sole, SandraLynn, Chris Breva, and yes, even Bobturn are tucking away some good ones like I had.

One never knows where life’s path takes you unless you occasionally go back to points along the way to see where you have been.

Those early stories show how much I have grown, yes, grown enough to want to help others find their own writing path.

The other Cramp judges and I have become such good friends that way. Seven of us now, some newer at this than the others but all working pretty smoothly like the team we are. It is why the Cramp has stayed one of the most popular contests on the great WdC. Sometimes I feel like it is as much my child as those early stories I wrote.

There are still pages left unturned. Some of them are in today’s contest entries. I’d better stop reminiscing and get back to it. What are these tears doing on my face? Well, at least they are happy tears. I wonder who will be noon’s winner?
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