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Three mannequins discuss an upcoming store window competition. (302 words)
Window Dressing

Kathleen McNamara

“This has to be the most ridiculous window competition we have ever had to endure,” said the yellow denim clad mannequin dubbed Chloe by her designer.

“I feel as if we should be advertising citrus fruit for Tesco and not fashion for Marks and Spencer,” said Estelle. She was wearing a lime green vinyl suit and black knee high boots.

“Calm down you two,” laughed Vanessa. She was wearing the same style of suit as her two friends but hers was in bright orange lightweight wool. Unlike the boots worn by her two friends, she wore white vinyl high-heeled sandals.

“We are supposed to be throwbacks to those days of psychedelic colors and pop icons. You know like Twiggy and the Beatles and Go-Go boots and the heydays of the Carnaby Street mod fashion scene.”

“I know it’s a bit hard for the both of you to see, but they have even painted the wall behind us to look like the set of that smash comedy sketch hit from across the pond, Laugh In.”

“How do you know so much, Miss Smarty Pants?” asked Chloe, still highly annoyed with her get up.

“While you and Estelle were back in the design room getting your final fittings, I was out here with the set designers and overheard the discussion of their plans,” replied Vanessa.

“Well at least they didn’t dress us up like the rookies over in the corner,” Estelle said with a sigh of relief. “Could you imagine any of us wearing bell-bottomed pants and leather fringed vests? I feel so sorry for those poor young men.”

“Okay, enough of the complaints. I can hear the murmur of the crowds outside our window,” said Vanessa. It’s almost 10 am. Are we in our bored fashion model poses, ladies? It’s show time!”
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