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by K. Ray
Rated: 13+ · Outline · Opinion · #2153590
These are editorial notes for my novel Lack of Evidence
Ch1 Note:
I changed details to back off from the idea of PI as detective. Although both John and Julie have completed Academy training, they're not a part of the police force. Period. They operate on a consulting basis with the police on occasion and sometimes their cases make interaction with police necessary. Other chapters need to be revised for this reason.

Ch2 crime scene details
Caleb Miller on the scene
Office at station - across from Ray pawn & gentleman's bar
Clerk @ gas station & penny candy thief
Mel'd Donut Shop reference
Eric - people pleasing noser
Hans - pushy smoking carrot top
Turner - rookie hothead
Natts - unknown, calls forensics
Michael detail - 3 bullet holes, first 1 sniperstyle
Front door no prints
VCR missing
Tyler hired by Sam
Congregation at 5th & Carlson
Carlos Matt - Caleb's liutenant
Computer fingerprint analysis
Raisa Marlowe - prints at Michael's
Common Grounds - Raisa workplace
Judge Griffin - signing warrant for Raisa's house
Caleb Miller will not be issuing arrest warrant until DNA evidence is processed.

Ch3 synagogue
Jeff = PI's bro
Tyler is against Sam hiding
Julie going w/ Sam to usf
Tyler calls pi a sleazeball
Raisa interview w carlos & john
Raisa walks by Michaels to/from work
Raisa ends interview

Julie and Sam enter USF Medical Lab
South Corridor, into bodies room, into another corridor with 2nd door.

Ch5 - crime scene
Answering Machine w/messages
Rundown on Raisa interview
John says Raisa is innocent
Daniel Carlson - neighbor gardening across from MIchael's
He says Raisa was shouting with Michael
Carlos and pi going back to Raisa with warrant
Frank - assigned case to PI - FIX to conform with ch1 edits.
Julie says Sam is innocent
Michael got call from PD, unknown office
Michael got call from Reginald Larsen's missing cellphone.
pt 2 - raisa interview - Add dominance/submissive dynamic between PI and Carlos: "Let me handle this." "Stay back." "This isn't your call."
Carlos declared a rookie when he pulls cuffs
Raisa makes no move to call lawyer
John prevents Carlos from patdown
Julie reveals prints found at scene to Raisa
John reveals belief of innocence to Raisa
Carlos reveals inconsistencies in Raisa's story
Julie declares "you killed him"
Raisa confesses she was in the house
Carlos asks about stolen merchandise
Raisa bolts, Raisa pulls hidden gun
John yells at Raisa, Julie shoots at Raisa
Carlos and John subdue Raisa
Warrant issued, Raisa calls lawyer, in Portuguese, her uncle
The VCR and other things confiscated
jars of mysterious substance found -- seriously, what is this crap? I've lost sight of it.
Raisa says it is art paint; Raisa caught lying about art
Cocaine in baggies found.
pt 3- library - MORE HORRIBLENESS
John looks at Judaism for motive for murder
Jewish-dressed man in LA tshirt drops note
Envelope stamped LA
Note script Limited Abundance
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