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By: Carly Fyrwald with https://mobilestyles.com

In the era of dating apps, it has come to a point where we can meet people while lying on our beds and no longer have to go to a local coffee shop and put ourselves out there. Now, I have dated the old fashioned way and through a dating app called Bumble. I have reached a point where I'm asking myself, which way is the best way to date?

With Bumble, you see, we give ourselves an opportunity to see and talk to the person before setting up a face-to-face date. This opens the gates to all sorts of what ifs. What if his friend is typing for him? What if he doesn't look like his pictures? What if he really doesn't know how to cook like his bio says he can? All these questions, surface level or not, can cause some issues and in fact, I have lived through them first hand. While dating through Bumble, I have met a handful of great guys some who I will never talk to again and some who I still grab drinks with. But no particular person has stuck around long enough to see any type of romantic future with. While Bumble is great, and the idea of meeting someone while in the comfort of my own apartment, I have reverted back to the old school ways and have decided to date organically again.

For me, dating someone who you randomly meet at your local coffee shop or at your favorite bar down the street means so much more and has much more potential than the guy who you swiped right on. This isn't because I don't trust that you can meet your significant other on these dating apps, but because meeting someone in a local place or at the Whole Foods salad bar means you have something in common right off the bat, you like the same places. While this might not be a game changer for everyone, this makes a great impact on me. Knowing we hang out at the same areas and like similar stuff gives us something to talk about immediately, rather than sitting down to a drink with a guy and starting off with "it's nice to finally meet you in person."

Overall, I have come to the conclusion that dating someone you meet naturally is still the way to go. As much as I wanted Bumble to work and to meet a great guy in a city of millions of people, it has not panned out that way. So while everyone is different, the meet-cute that could occur without the pressure of a "Bumble date" is what has inspired me to go back to putting myself out there and no longer hide behind the go-to dating apps.

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