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by Kalai
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Remembering those who died in a recent forest fires while going on a trekking trip....
Ajar nature's doors opened wide
instilling high spirits
on untrodden tracks
winding its way up the hill...
unfamiliar footfalls
gained momentum
to crush nature on its way....

Dried leaves and twigs
along dangling tree branches
with engulfed climbers and creepers
built thick pyres to be laid...

Warm noon air dazzled
through hot rays of Sun
searching for a spot
to trickle a game of fire....

Waiting stealthily
to capture those seconds
who triggered those tiny sparks
to engulf so many lives later?

Knowingly or unknowingly
what lead them into a death trap
that charred their dreams forever.....

Within seconds those tiny sparks
grew into stretched tongues of fire
cooked both flesh and bones -
eating lives on its way...

Rescued from fiery tongues of fire
peeled survivors dangled life and death.....
Is it right to think
blessed are the dead
for they were deprived of the pain
to survive before they breathed their last.....

Nothing could have saved them
except their destiny that sustained
with good deeds, thoughts, and lives...

Whatever it may be - now and then
Nature sends in the warning
never tamper with someone
who will not react at the first instance
but will give you back in multiples
that could leave you stumped forever....
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