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Rated: 13+ · Sample · Romance/Love · #2153841
He wakes her in the morning...in the way only he can.
As her body started to stir from the suggestive gentleness of his warm touch, her eyes slowly opened and became fixated on the handsome features of his face.

Her smile matched his own as she heard him whisper, "good morning, sunshine" in a soft, yet husky masculine voice.

With a deep exhale, the corners of her lips turned up displaying her obvious satisfaction as his finger tips traced her cheek, down her slender throat and across the soft skin of her full breasts.

Their eyes held fast by a passionate gaze, he leaned in closer to kiss her yearning lips as she replied in her most sensual of voices, "yes, indeed it is now."

Soft and wet, his kisses gently pushed away whatever may have resembled sleep as her hands reached up to cup the back of his neck, drawing him to her.

His strong arms scooped under her, pulling her body closer to his, enveloping her into his own as he kissed her more deeply, determined to wake her the way only he can.
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