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As the world falls into chaos, Arrow has to decide whether or not to save his old friend.
Monthly Script Writing Contest (March)— Young Adult


"The Beginning of The End"




JEZEBEL "BELLA" THORNE (35) President of United States, dark hair, slim, conniving, brutal, slams her hand against the Resolute desk before standing and pointing a finger at GENERAL NICANDRO MAXFIELD (55) commander of U.S. Strategic Command, gray hair, clean shaven, African American, blunt.

                             Are you refusing my order, General?

                             Of course not, Madam President.
                             However, I would advise you to take
                             a moment and think this through. Such
                             an extreme reaction will have long term
                             repercussions to the entire nation.

                                       (raises an eyebrow)
                             You think this is a knee-jerk response,
                             don't you, General?
                                       (sits and folds her hands on the desk)
                             You think this is going to be like
                             Hiroshima or Nagasaki, hmm?

                                       (clears his throat)
                             If I could speak freely, Madam President?

                             You've been like a second father to me,
                             Nic. Go ahead, speak your mind.

                             With all due respect, Madam

                             We're just two old friends talking right
                             now, Nic. No need for formalities.

                             With all due respect, Bella, if I
                             follow this order the world will suffer
                             more than when the bombs demolished
                             Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two-hundred
                             years ago.

                                       (narrows her eyes)
                             If you follow my orders? Nic, I might
                             love you like a father but I'll have your
                             ass thrown in jail for insubordination
                             if I have to!

                             Madam President, you are my
                             Commander in Chief. I will not go
                             against your orders. However, if you do
                             Well, do you really want to be remembered
                             as the woman that started World War Three?

                                       (shakes her head)
                             I'm not the one that started it, Nic.
                             But I will be the one to finish it. Give
                             the order. I want Russia, China, and
                             Mexico reduced to a pile of rubble
                             before evening.

                             Yes, Madam President.

General Nicandro marches out of the Oval Office. Jezebel swivels in her chair, folds her hands into a tent, and stares out the window.

                             May God help us all.





EXT. — CABIN BY A LAKE — 4am — MAY 10, 2145

ARROW CHAN (34) Cantonese, serious, hardworking, single, stands on a short dock, fishing pole in hand. He reels his line, pulls a fish from the hook, and drops it in a bucket as MABEL O'CONNOR (34) red hair, freckled, short, shuffles up with two mugs of coffee.

                             I take it Pierce is still asleep?

                                       (Irish accent)
                             It was a long night.

                                       (casts his line back into the water)
                             Did he catch anything?

                                       (Irish accent)
                                       (cocks her head)
                             That's a rhetorical question, right?

                                       (shakes his head)
                             When is he going to get it through
                             his head that this isn't a joke? If
                             he's out goofing around all night instead
                             of doing his part, we're going to starve!

                                       (Irish accent)
                             Don't be so dramatic, Arrow. We've
                             got plenty of food, what with your
                             fishing and the goats David keeps in
                             the barn.

                             Barn? Call it what it is, Mabel. It's a
                             broken down shed. Just another thing
                             I'll need to fix because my brother is
                             too damn lazy to help.

                                       (Irish accent)
                             Pierce helps in other ways.

                             You're only defending him because
                             you're in love with him.

                                       (Irish accent)
                                       (nudges Arrow with her elbow)
                             You think I picked the wrong twin, huh?

                             He's too lazy to take care of you. And now
                             that the whole world has gone to shit
                             Do you really think he'll be able to
                             protect you?

                                       (Irish accent)
                             I brought you some coffee.

Arrow smirks and pulls in his fishing line. He sets the pole down and takes the cup of coffee from Mabel's hand.

                             Changing the subject, are we?

Mabel wiggles her eyebrows at him and takes a sip of coffee from her own mug.

                             Fine, then. David says old man
                             Thompson's willing to trade a horse or
                             two. We'll be heading out this afternoon,
                             so you and Penny will have to keep
                             an eye on things
                             'Cause God knows my brother won't.

Arrow gathers up his pole and the bucket of fish and walks back to the cabin, leaving Mabel standing alone to watch the sun rise.





INT. — FARM KITCHEN — 3pm — MAY 10, 2145

Arrow and DAVID ARAS (35) long blond hair, muscular, glasses, sit at a wooden table in an old, country kitchen. BUTCH THOMPSON (52), overweight, balding, friendly, reaches out a pudgy hand. Arrow grins and shakes it.

                             It's a deal then, sonny. Two geldin's fer
                             four milk goats. The missus shore will
                             be glad to have some fresh milk 'round
                             here a'gin.

                             It's a pleasure doing business with you,
                             Mr. Thompson.

                                       (licks his lips and leans forward)
                             Any news, Mr. Thompson?

                             I thought ya'd never ask. I was listenin'
                             to the old ham last night and heard some
                             mighty disturbin' things, boys. Seems
                             it's not just Russia and Mexico that've
                             retaliated 'gainst the good ole U.S.

                             Are you saying our own people are

                             Folks in the big city are takin' the
                             opportunity to go after each other. It's
                             especially bad if'n ya speak Spanish or
                                       (blushes and looks away from Arrow)
                             look like an Asian.

Butch stands and grabs a plate of cookies hidden in the cupboard. He places it on the table as Arrow shakes his head in disbelief. All three men reach for a cookie, quiet as they chew and think.

                             They also say with all the bombin' and
                             the rush on the stores, that folks are
                             startin' to get low on food. Won't be long
                             afore the pinch of a belly has men actin' like

                             I'm glad we got out to the country when
                             when we did. I figured this would happen.

                             My friend, the crazy prepper.

                                       (punches David playfully in the arm)
                             Bet you're damn thankful for my stockpile, now!

                             Also heard some strange chatter 'bout
                             the government lookin' for a group called
                                       (wrinkles his brow)
                             Six Pack.

                             Wh-what'd you say?

                                       (raises his eyebrows at Arrow)
                             He said Six Pack.

                             Any specifics on that chatter, Mr.

                             Well, let me remember. I recollect
                             it was something to do with the
                             President. She's lookin' fer a Six


                             No, Arrow. Let it go. She made her
                             bed, now she can damn well lie in it!

                             It's not that easy, David. She's our friend.
                             One of the group. We made a pact, man!

David pushes away from the table and stands.

                             She broke the pact, Arrow!
                                       (nods at Butch)
                             Thank you for the cookies and the news,
                             Mr. Thompson. We'll be back with
                             the goats by Friday.

David settles his cowboy had on his head and walks away from the table.

                             Thank you, Mr. Thompson.

Arrow follows David outside. They both heft a heavy backpack to their shoulders and start walking down the driveway.

                             I'm not running to her rescue, Arrow.
                             I've played this game before with her,
                             it never ends well. Besides, she's got
                             all her fancy advisors and bodyguards
                             to watch over her, not to mention a
                             well-fortified bunker! Trust me, she
                             ain't hurting any!

                             She's calling for us, David. The world
                             is falling apart around her ears and
                             she needs us.

                             No, Arrow. She needs you. All
                             I need is a hot bath and a warm bed, back
                             in the relative safety of our home.

David pushes ahead, stalking into the woods, leaving Arrow to stand alone on the empty road.



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