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A small flicker of hope on a first meeting. I want more and wrote to woo her.
I met you today. Two feet of table separated me from you. My meal was forgotten as I hung on your every word. Listening, learning, and needing more. Wanting to know you, and hoping I would discover myself in the process.

I consider myself a word smith, but it is tough to convey yourself to another sometimes. I held her in such high regard. I wanted to impress her with who I am and who I wanted to be. My words failed me today.

The words I spoke seemed to soft. It was as if there was a funnel in my mind. Glorious thoughts and words were loaded carefully in, but only a slight trickle came out when I spoke. They seemed inadequate and they were. I stumbled in your presence.

A simple hug from you triggered a rush of energy. It flowed from my core and rushed out. I felt my face heated and flushed. Stammered out a thank you. I needed that in the worst way, (and I did).

You smiled and every so often would give me a small touch. On my arm, my leg. Innocent little connections that joined me to you. You are so easy to listen to I thought. My eyes never left you except when I would blush and look down.

When teacher is pretty, we pay attention. I looked at you closer. Yes I wanted to learn more about you. You were dressed casually. Yet every bit of clothing was selected to accent your figure. You are so beautiful on the outside and a delight within.

I was allowed to move closer. I could stop my resentment of wooden tables as the limiting objects they sometimes are. I moved closer. We hugged once more. In your embrace I found true luxury.

I inhaled your scent. It lingered on me as I pulled away. Sweet,light, intoxicating, perfect. Another blush as I looked down, you smiled knowingly. A touch was permitted. Your hands are delicate and beautiful I thought.

I grew a little bolder. I returned the light touches. Each touch released another wave for me. I felt elated being with you. I was tingling with adrenaline and reveling in your closeness.

I could of stayed all night. Don't be selfish I told myself. Her time is valuable and she has chosen to give it to you. It was a struggle for me. I was fighting off inner wants, or were they needs. I didn't want to leave her company. You have to, there will be other times I promised myself hopefully.

We left the restaurant. I hadn't eaten any of my meal, preferring to sustain myself on the energy she gave me. I held her hand on the way out. You can tell a lot about how someone feels by the way they hold your hand. I am sure my grip conveyed trust, warmth, and respect with just a bit of hopefulness.

I lingered a little longer in the parking lot. My senses were on over load. You're so beautiful I thought to myself. I told her I could guess her weight. She let me lift her.

You were so light and delicate, I didn't want to put you down. I held you aloft for a moment luxuriating in your closeness. The guess was a good one, I was off by two pounds. I blushed at that too smiling because I knew a little more.

One last hug before we parted as friends. I could smell your scent on me as I drove home. Faint but very sweet. My cup was filled with just a few small innocent touches. I wanted more and smiled as I drove home in silence.

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