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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2153943
Two alien beings meet and become friends
         “Hi. My name's, Clifford and I walk this trail twice a year. I love the view. I don't see many others here."
         "Hello. I'm called Surveyor, Cliff Ord, and I walk here often to see the deserts. I've never seen another."
         "Deserts? It's nothing but mountains and forest for a hundred miles."
         "But I see no mountains, only rolling hills and a dusty red dessert for as far as I can see. There is no surface water or plant life. It's all underground in vast caverns."
         "That's not possible. We're standing in a rocky pass and I can see forest to the horizon. There's a stream a couple hours back that I'll freeze in on my way back when I swim, but I do it each trip."
         "A stream of running water? On the surface? No. That can not be. The atmosphere is so thin now it would boil. That's why we wear the breathing helmets."
         "What helmet? You're wearing a Tyrollean hat and Me a Harris tweed cap. I don't think I've ever met anyone wearing a Tyrollean hat before."
         "Your slit doesn't move when you talk."
         "Slit? What slit? Oh, lips maybe? My god, your lips didn't move when you talked."
         "Telepathy! My people can read each other's minds so you must have the ability too. I get glimpses of images from your mind."
         "Okay. I'll concentrate on what I see and think about each detail."
         "Yes, that's it. Ohh my deity, color, such beauty I've never seen. And actual rock and... is this a... plant?... living on the surface?"
         "Yes. Touch it."
         "I... I... I can't, my hand passed through."
         "I saw. Okay, now you send me what you see."
         "Okay... monochrome red and you are standing on a low hill with desert all around. I don't understand."
         "Me either. Why is your world full of life and mine a desert? Wait a moment..."
         "Worlds! Send me a picture of your solar system. Here's mine; sun at the center, mercury is the first planet then Venus, earth next where I live then mars, forth planet out. Next..."
         "Stop, I see it. You live on the third planet, I the forth."
         "My god! How is this possible? The mind pictures you showed me of your planet are what our rovers send back though. They match."
         "Rovers? What is a rover?"
         "The pictures are of your planet and Rovers are the vehicles roaming around taking them."
         "Vehicles? On our surface? I'll warn the councils. Thank you Cliff Ord, and thank you for the images. I'll always remember them.
         "I'll remember to, Surveyor, all you've shown me. Thank you. Let's share more of each other."
         "What a wonderful day to meet a new friend. You are a soul friend I'll cherish for many..."
         "Thank you ... Surveyor? ... Surveyor? ... Yes, it is a wonderful day to have met you. Stay well my new friend. I'll miss getting to know you. Maybe we'll meet again on my next trip."
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