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Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #2153961
Coming across a wolf, he says that it isn't safe in the North alone. Can he be trusted?
The breeze through her fur and the chirping of the birds, Akira started to feel uneasy due to the quietness that was surrounding her. She was used to all the talking from her home, but her mother had told her that this was important. Every shaking of a bush to the snapping of a twig, Akira had to keep her guard up since she was alone on this journey.

She was trying to stay focus on the task at hand as the birds continued to chirp in the trees. The breeze itself was picking up a bit, but she felt some relief from it. "What's so special about me?" she kept asking herself. "I know that my gut feeling tells me to go North, but what if I'm wrong?" Akira didn't know that she was talking to herself out loud, but figured that she was alone.

It wasn't long when one of the bushes ahead of her was rustling a little violently than the others. Being discreet, Akira had gone into defense and waited to see what was going to happen next. As the bushes continue to shake, Akira couldn't help but growl as loud as she could.
Coming out of the bushes was another wolf. Not backing down, Akira kept her guard up as this wolf began walking towards her. Even though he didn't seem to be a threat, she wasn't taking any chances. Advancing towards this wolf as he had done the same, Akira managed to pin him to the ground.

"Why are you following me?!" Akira demanded.

"Following? No," he answered. "I was only looking for some food. I heard someone talking and wanted to see who it was. That's all."

"You swear?" she exploded.

"Yes," he assured. "Can you please get off of me."

Listening to him and wasn't sure why, Akira had gotten off of him while still watching his every move. There was silence but it didn't really last long between the two of them. "Sorry if we had gotten off on a wrong side," he calmly spoke. "What's you're name?"


"Look," he began. "I'm sorry that I scared you-"

"I wasn't scared," Akira replied.

"Ok. I understand if you don't want to trust me, but I won't hurt anyone."

Akira had let her guard down and said, "I should be the one apologizing. It's not really a good time to talk right now."
Leaving the wolf behind her, she could hear him following her. "Where are you heading," he wondered. "I mean, I know that you're heading North but do want the company?"

"North," Akira replied. "Name's Akira. Yours?"


"I would like the company, but I hope that you know that I'll still have a hard time trusting you."

"It's understandable, Akira," Errol admitted. "Besides, you don't want to head North on your own. I know what's up there and it's definitely better when you aren't alone."

"What's up there?"

"I'll explain on the way."
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