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Understanding what happened at Roswell, from what took place up the road
Recently I watched a U-tube video and the presenter was talking about a revelation provided by a contemporary of his who had made the following claim.

Following WW2, rocket scientists were brought to White Sands Proving Grounds from Germany. In 1947 they were establishing their new base of operations in the desert. A V2 was launched. Shortly after takeoff a silver disc appeared causing the missile to veer off course and crash. This was an astonishing new development for the Air Force. While these discs, also known as Foo Fighters, were observed throughout the war this was the first incident where one had behaved in a manner that appeared to be hostile. The visual and radar imagery left no doubt that the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) had intervened and that the action resulted in a deviation in course, gyroscopic instability, and catastrophic failure. One can imagine the buzz at the highest levels of government, perhaps even reaching President Truman.

Several weeks later a second launch was scheduled. This time state of the art radars and prototype antiaircraft missiles were readied around the launch area. It could be a warhead was placed on the rocket capable of being command detonated. As the rocket took off several of the UFOs reappeared in the airspace. The V2 exploded vaporizing a disk shaped craft and one or more of the others appeared to sustain damage. This was confirmed shortly thereafter when it was reported that one of the craft had come down in the vicinity of Roswell New Mexico, the base of the 503rd Bombardment Group, home to the B-29 Bombers that had two years earlier, dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan. At the site a nearly intact crashed saucer had come down. Several dead Extra Biological Entities (EBEs), human body parts and a surviving EBE were brought to the airbase. This definitely caused a stir.

Another unreported series of events followed. There were a number of military and civilian aircraft that began to crash. The Air Force had reason to believe these crashes were in retaliation for what has since become known as the Roswell Incident.

The point to be made is that for the UFOologist, evidence must be seen in a broader context. What happened at Roswell was related to what happened at White Sands and the aircraft crashes that followed. By just looking at the Roswell, the observer sees a tree and not the overarching events that proceeded and followed it.

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