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A very short, short story about a man and his discoveries.
John awakens in a vast field of roses, the gentle swaying of the flowers calms his mind, the wind against his cheek remind him of reality. John looks to the sky to see a deep blue, like the ocean. John had never known emotions, he had always felt… empty. Despite seeing his family slaughtered. He saw them as tools. To be thrown away on a whim. John saw the world around him as a sort of playground. He didn’t care for consequences, he saw life of others as trivial compared to his own.
John often thought of what normal humans thought of at any point in time. Friends to hang with, family to love, John didn’t have any of those, neither did he mind not having them. Unnecessary, unneeded… burden. This what John thought of those things. John knew he wasn’t normal, but he didn’t think he was crazy or insane either, he thought of himself as… different, smarter… better.
John sat up, feeling the grass and roses against his skin, John looked to his left and right… nothing. all John saw was roses and grass, he couldn’t see anything else, but something bugged him. Everything has an end. John got up and took off at a sprint. He ran and ran and ran. He never stopped, that was his life… he was always running. Finally John stopped, he had realized something. He was alone, he didn’t have anyone or anything. For the first time in his life he felt unneeded, like he was never alive. He wanted something, no… he needed it, but… he didn’t know what it was.
John awoke again, the bed beneath him groaned under his weight. John got up and went to his bathroom. He looked in the mirror, his perfect face looked around his perfect bathroom in his perfect house atop his perfect hill. Everything was fine, but… something was missing. He had spent his whole life without it, and now that he wanted it, he didn’t know what it was.
John walked to a nearby park, he saw the children playing, the teenagers laughing with friends. But that wasn’t what he payed attention to, what he saw was a family having a nice, friendly picnic. Everyone was laughing together. The mother had apparently told a great joke, John chuckled… he finally knew what he was missing… Love.
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