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by K. Ray
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A child is caught with the empty cookie jar -- but she says she didn't eat them.
I was a day late in getting this entry into the Daily Flash Fiction prompt, which had to include the line "This isn't what it looks like."

Cookies and Fairies - 249 words

I woke in the middle of the night to noises in the kitchen. My daughter's room was on the way, so I checked on her. The bed was empty. I tiredly shuffled into the kitchen to find her standing on the counter, glass cookie jar raised above her head, perilously pushing it over the edge and onto the fridge-top. It was clearly empty.
"What are you doing?" I asked. I was in slippers -- the silent shoes didn't alert her to my presence.
Startled, Alice turned toward me, nearly tumbling off the counter before she righted herself. "This isn't what it looks like!"
"It looks like you ate all the cookies."
"I was thirsty," she said, "so I came in for a glass of water and the cookie jar was on the table -"
"Not on the fridge?"
"On the table. And in the dark, it was shining! The bowl was like a Christmas tree all bottled up -- the whole rainbow of colors inside the bowl. I went to look closer and the lights flew away. They were fairies, Mom!"
"So what happened to the cookies?"
"The fairies ate them! There were no more cookies left."
"Let me see your teeth."
There were not two teeth in her mouth that didn't have bits of chocolate chip between them.
"Don't lie, Alice. You ate the cookies."
"Well," Alice said, "They left one in the bowl and I couldn't just leave one cookie there, could I?"

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