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How RimaD became The Star shield
The Birth of Star Shield

In my four hundred and three earth days' service on the Power Ship, I had never experienced anything like it. It was probably around midnight, earth time of course, when I felt a curious vibration under my feet. I passed it off as one of the last minute course alterations that our senior captains are so fond of doing and continued to comb the gallery for some midnight snack. I had just found Captain Eyestar’s hidden stash when the whole ship shook beneath my feet. It felt like an earthquake on earth above Richter scale ten. I reached for the nearest support as the whole ship seemed to come apart. The lights flickered and the sirens blared everywhere. I could hear people shouting but before I could reach for the door I was swept off my feet as the power ship seemed to take a roll and tossed me over the cabinets which were under my feet now.

The ship was shaking tremendously now and I was sure it was falling apart when I realized that my hands seemed to melt into thin air. As I watched them go starting from my fingertips horror and fear spread across my mind. I felt paralyzed and unable to move. The lights went dim and finally dissolved in front of my eyes. The sirens subdued and the last thing I heard was captain Tiggy's ship-wide announcement calling for damage reports.


When I opened my eyes, which was quite after sometime, I found myself on a seat fastened with seatbelts. Slowly getting up I looked about me. Almost everyone was there and more were coming in. Unbuckling myself I came to join the group. We had landed on an alien planet and had managed to do so in one piece. But it was not a surprise for nothing less was expected from the hands of our senior captains. At that moment they were discussing our next move.

I listened silently and watched in fascination as Captain Nixie’s skin transformed into a layer of diamond. It was a brilliant shield. I thought and brought up my left hand. A fine sparkly layer appeared surrounding my palm. It looked like a transparent glove made of silk. Its edge was broken into tiny stars. I touched it but couldn’t reach my skin. A shield!

By that time Captain Lornda had blasted a hole big enough for us to pass through. The debate changed to how were we going to reach the tower that Captain Eyestar had located some time ago. Captain Maryann ventured to teleport us to the tower.

The shield in my hand sparkled even more.

“Wait,” I said. “I think I can…”

Everyone gasped and I stared as the shield in my hand expanded and wrapped itself around everyone individually creating a personal force field like a second skin.

We left our ship behind and walked for miles in one large group before we found ourselves standing and gaping at the enormous tower.

Once safely inside my shield disappeared on its own.

Al named me Star Shield. Quiet apt, I admit but no one, I guess even Al, noticed that I was floating an inch above the ground.


Al, our new friend in this distant planet adopted to our needs and quickly made itself convenient for our stay. We were soon allotted rooms to stay and stations to man.

Once alone behind the closed door in my room I sat down to investigate myself. Its not that you get superpowers everyday. I tried to levitate by thinking of flying and immediately hit the roof. Luckily my shield came up as reflex and saved my head. I came down to the floor and stood there with feet planted firmly on the ground. I had to think right. I closed my eyes and breathed in. Think rise a little. Slowly… slowly…. My feet seemed to loose the feel of the floor. I opened my eyes and found myself hovering. My lips parted into a wide grin and instantly I started to topple. Spreading my arms wide on both sides I tried to balance. Leaning this side and that I managed to keep up my balance. Steady, girl. It was like learning to walk as a toddler. I needed to concentrate.

After a while the room felt too small to fly around. Opening the window I peeped out. I was on tenth floor. Right under my window I could see power members moving about. Activating my shield to brace against any failure, I let myself fall out of the window. For first few feet, with my arms pressed by my sides, I fell head down like a bullet from a gun. As I neared the ground, I spread my arms and imagined a bird flying. All I had to do was to lift my head up and I was lifted to a horizontal position. I could hear people gasp and cheer as I soared high in the air. Spiraling around the tower I went higher and higher till I reached the top of the tower.

There I stopped.

Standing in mid air I gave a good look around. The land appeared barren though it was green all along. Far away vegetation of some kind could be seen. I was sure they were inhabited with different animals or may be the natives of this planet. I had a creepy feeling that we were being watched while we walked from our ship. At that moment it rested beyond my line of sight though I could still see smoke rising into air.

From horizon to horizon the sky looked like a dome of dark purple. I don’t know if this planet has any satellite but there was none to be seen. I missed the sun.

Fingers of my right hand seemed to tingle. As I looked down a small ball was glowing in the cup of my hand. Bringing my hand near my eyes I found it to be a miniature star. Shocked and stunned I dropped it.

“Eeeiiikksss,” someone cried from below.

I hadn’t noticed it before but the roof of the top floor of the tower was open and Overwatch Eyestar was busy with her crystal. My little superheated star had landed near her feet and went off like a cracker.

“Sorry, Eyestar,” I apologized. “Didn’t see that coming.”

She smiled and waved. “Get used to it,” she said. Then turning back to her crystal she solemnly said, “we are going to need it.”

As I floated back to my room I wondered if we would fit in. We were wanderers of space. Can we settle down? If we do, will we survive? Even if we accept the Planitia, will Planitia accept us?
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