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A suicide. Two detectives. And a rather boring intro to it all.

Hiroshi’s eyes lit up, “A murder?”

“Yeah, sounds pretty boring though.” sighed the detective.

He opened the door and walked out into the bright light. A refreshing Spring breeze swept through the air, bringing with it an invigorating air much different than the musty smell of the warehouse.

Hiroshi ran up to stand beside to Masato, “Hey, wanna go get some ramen?”

Masato yawned as he he stretched his arms around his head, “Naw, tourists are gonna flood in now that the Sakura are blooming. I knew they were gonna bloom early, but I didn’t pay attention to the entire forecast.”

“But I know a place with good Miso soup.”

“Sorry, I’m not feeling it today man.”

“You know that soup place near the shopping district?”


“If you can beat me in a race there I’ll pay for the whole meal.”


~ 2:02 PM ~

White clouds of steam billowed out of the bowl. The restaurant was empty, except for Masato and Hiroshi.

Picking up a pair of wooden chopsticks, Masato laughed, “So, did you figure it out yet?”

Hiroshi was busy gobbling up his soup and didn’t hear the question.
He lifted up his head and wiped his mouth with a napkin, “Sorry what’d you say?”

Masato snapped the chopsticks and placed them over his bowl. Then he reached into his knapsack and pulled out an old hat. Carefully avoiding some puddles of spilt soup, he placed the hat in the center of the table between the two bowls.

“I asked if you figured out the mystery yet” repeated Masato.

Hiroshi picked the hat off the table, “So are all the clues right here?”

“Yup, I snatched it from one of the evidence crates.”

“Wait, you what?”

“Just shut up and inspect the hat.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2154267