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by Shaima
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At the end, we are alone.
It is true that no one last forever, and that is okay, because what matters is that we seize what we have; we have to hold on to the people we have till they vanish. At the end of the journey, the hero remains alone; at the end I will not have anyone by my side, but I should not forget all those people who stayed by my side; I never shall forget that there were people who supported me. It is important to know and understand that there were people who helped me walk on my road.
Not everyone lasts as much as another, but whoever walked by my side, even if briefly, matters, because they have helped me reach here, they have helped me reach where I am standing currently, and the funny thing is that they do not have to be people, they do not have to be real life human beings, they do not have to be people in front of my face. They can be animated characters, they can be fictional characters, or they can even be celebrities; it does not matter, because they all helped me reach here.
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