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A boy is getting chased by vicious manticores and he meets some friends that help him out.
I quickly ran among the darkness of the shadows. Vicious screams yelled after me, and the chill of the winter air was making it no better. The thumping of three lion like bodies made my heart skip a beat. I effortlessly blending into the shadows. Three golden manticores snarled remarks and their raven black tails flickered back and fourth as if hypnotizing something. I trembled in fear as they edged closer to my hiding spot. They were so near I could feel the warmth of their breath on my skin, and goosebumps arose throughout my whole body. Death was drawing nearer and I quietly held my breath. One of the manticores looked straight at me with its luminous blue eyes.
"Your time has run out boy." It growled.
It rose its massive scorpions tail and grinned with delight. I knew now my life would end, when suddenly an arrow struck it in it's back, and it roared in agony. Two more arrows struck the others and they retreated into the darkness of the forest. I brushed my messy blond hair out of my face and breathed slowly. Two young boys jumped down from a tree and motioned for me to follow them. As I looked at them they wore long black cloaks and both of them had brown hair. Skillfully made bows were slung around their backs and beautiful arrows were in their quivers. The moonlight shined through the forest and a few leave rustled by. They halted to a stop and turned towards me.
"You're the orphan boy from the west wood right?" One of them asked.
"Yes." I replied. "How did you know?"
"We've been waiting to recruit you for our team." He answered.
We heard the growling in the manticores once more, and the boys quickly drew their bows.
"We have to move." They said rushing deeper into the forest, as I followed close behind.
We jumped over bushes and shrubs and went through a maze of evergreen trees. The manticores' roars were like thunder in a stormy night. The two boys were fast and I couldn't keep up. I was slowing down and my vision was going bad. I suddenly collapsed on the ground. A massive paw pressed against my chest and the manticore smirked with pride. As I drew my final breath, a bright light lit up the forest and the manticores hissed with anger. They retreated into the forest and I could hear their scorpion tails trailing behind them. I sighed with relief and smiled at the sun. Its magnificent rays had saved me.
"Are you ok?" One of the boys asked with a worried expression.
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