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A car crashes on a mountain side that ends with a twist.

         I cant wait to get home to her. This drive is insane. I get that they wanted me to meet our new business partners but I have no idea why at the ski resort. The pass should be closed with these kind of conditions. Its ok just take it slow. I would have just grabbed a room at the summit but with my wife due any day now I would feel so much more comfortable at home.
I hear the loud crunch of the snow compacting under my tires as I drive down the highway snow slowly piling up to cover my windshield then quickly getting swiped away by the slapping of the windshield wipers. Other cars bravely barrel by me going the other way when I hear snow scraping behind me the sound getting louder and louder. I look into my mirror only to see a blur of headlights and a horn blaring. What seemed like a blink of an eye the sound of plastic and metal becoming one is overwhelming as my head is thrown back into my seat. The world now upside down my arms being thrashed about and my legs rattling around. I feel my body thrown about but no pain. The adrenaline pumping keeps the body from feeling the damage until the mind can sort out what to do with it.
The car tumbles and twists pushed off the highway and punched through the guard rail rolling down the mountain side kissing the rocks then freefalling into its final resting place. The flashing of the amber blinker reflects off the snow as the car settles further in. Laying upside down wheel pointed to the sky. No glass left on the car except the empty disfigured sockets where it used to be. Like an unloved hotwheel it sits crushed and battered. No movement inside.
I need to get home. I need to see her. I cant move. I try to lift my arms to get out. I push with all my might and it doesn't budge. My legs? No. They don't respond. I take a deep breath in and upon exhaling my whole body seems to be launched from the car. I stand and stare at the heap of twisted steel and broken plastic in awe that I could've survived such a crash let alone be standing on my own two...feet? Where the fuck are my feet? Where are my arms? I look down and side to side and see nothing resembling appendages. I glance closer at the pile of what used to be a car in front of me. Closer. I see a battered bloody crooked body upside down. I come in even closer to see the face. Like looking into a mirror of horror. Its me.

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