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A person is sick of an immortal "soul". I guess it's the soul, I don't know.
"Have you ever been killed? I have. It happens all the time, it happens so much that I don't even care anymore. I lay there and let my life be whisked away like pollen from a flower. I've don't have friends or family, I do die a lot after all. I'm stuck with this immortal form, in an infinite cycle of life and death. Sometimes I'm a guy, sometimes a girl. Sometimes I die of old age, others of a horrible accident. I always keep my memories though. I wish I could stop this loop or have someone or something stop it for me.
I want to live a normal life. Just once, without having to worry about past memories or the inevitable death. I want to fall in love. Have a family. Grow old with my spouse. Die with them and never wake again. I'm tired of my immortality."
I look around my empty room, seeing nothing but the walls, the floor and the ceiling. "The door in the corner of my room. I had always wished I could just open the door and walk into death, as if I never existed. I try not to fall in love anymore. I always just end up missing them the next life. Why? Why do this to me? Why did I have to be the one to receive this curse. Why do I have to endure all this suffering? Why? Can't I just die normally?"
I sigh and get up to open my closet for my clothing. I pull out my usual clothing, a T-shirt, baggy jeans and some sneakers. "Time to go to work I guess." I walk straight out the door intent on walking the mile to work. I take the normal route, but it was a little different today. A lot more cars than usual. I look both ways and cross the street. Not even a second after I set foot in the street, a big rig plowed right through me, sending me flying to the ground a few feet onto the sidewalk. "*cough* So this is how this life ends. I thought I'd get more time." I say as I reach a hand into the empty air in front of me, grabbing at the invisible person I loved in my last life. Oh how I miss him. He was always with me. Til death did we part. Tears form in my eyes, as I think of him. My heart gave up, and I died once again. I never woke again.
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