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by dark
Rated: E · Short Story · Holiday · #2154392
A Christmas miracle
Chapter one "the beginning"
*For he saw her once and in his mind was everyday*
Paris,the passionate city،the city of lights perhaps as they all say,he was walking down the road to fetch a black coffee when he turned around he collapsed into a young lady with a pair of galactical eyes and couldn't resist it but he helped her hold her things up,apologized and left the café.
At his hotel at night Augstine Collins couldn't sleep that night all what he was thinking of the lady from the café.
So,for the rest of the days he went to the café hoping to see her before he head back home but she never appeared again and vanished as if she was an angel,on the christmas day he went there once more before his flight to the US hoping that a miracle would happen and see her again,while taking the last sip of his double coffee she entered,wearing a black coat beneath it was a dazzling red blouse ,pair of white pants and shoes that was especially made from channel! Immediately she caught every one's attention as she walked through the door to augstine's table and left a folded paper and said"bon appetite Monsieur" and left the café.
He was sitting there in amazement he couldn't believe what had happend,then he just went to the airport to catch his plane,when he git seated on the plane he unfolded the paper
"I saw you there every day at the café but couldn't go in and do it but today i did what made me do this was you green eyes that captured my soul
Your friend,Christie White"
By every word Augstine read he was amazed he didn't believe that she was there and didn't see her and she scribbled down her number and address,by that he fell asleep in his long nine hour journey.
Chapter two "the surprise"
"The words the letter said was the tears that screamed"
Augstine arrived on the day following Christmas he drove his car which he had parked in the airport back to his house,when he unfolded the paper again was a huge problem he never thought of she is in france he is in the US but he didn't give he got a paper and a pen and wrote
"Christie i am sorry to tell you but i went back to the states as i work and live there yet i will write you till any of us see the other first
Your friend from the Café,Augstine Collins"
And scribbled his address and number and sent it away.
He daily waited the post officer to give him what he sought but he never received any thin,for a month he waited till a response came from her that she would do the same,for two years they talked and sent letters and fell in love,real love,love they both wanted love they both wished.
One day her message never came in! He sat there saying that some thing had just happend in the post office and waited for a couple of months and he never heard from her,she never picked up his calls,and Aug's mind went crazy,what happend?what happend made her do that?was it a mistake from me?was it something i had done?
And a letter came in!
"Augie i don't what to say but i'm engaged now and to be married by august,I know you loved me but i'm really sorry,if you want you can come to the wedding and here is an invitation
Your dearest,chris"
Aug's heart tore apart,his tears were falling om the letter of his beloved who he had the intention to surprise her in paris and to give her the ring she always wanted,yet all had failed
He was sitting there in the living room gazing at that feeling,that one that made his heart dance happily and made his soul walk sadly,that feeling that made him believe that he had all the power in the world yet it striped him from every wish he had in life.
Chapter three "a miracle from above"
"When god cut us down,he build us stronger"
After chris' message Agustine was destroyed,he refused every invitation to get out and every shout out to forget,till jack came to Aug's house"Hey man what's up?"said jack cheerly
"I'm fine"said Aug after a long pause,a pause that brought back every time they talked and every letter they sent,every word they said,every sentence they wrote,that he even remembered a call that would never forget,"Augie,can i tell you something?"said Chris hesitated"Yeah,sure"
"I love you"Augstine's lips was whispering "I love you,too"
Jack then caught augstine and said"Aug,I wanna tell you something!" Aug pretended to hear him yet his mind was remembering thier old times though they say each other only twice yet there is no rule in live that forbids distant love,A love that wasn't based on looks,one that will never faint as it wasn't love of bodies,but love of souls,souls that no one dared to reach that is the real"Soulmate".
And while jack was talking he was captured by something"....As i was saying pal,you won't earn anything except high blood pressure and swelled eyes believe me,there is nothing is called as love at first sight!"
Aug's mind was going crazy,what does that mean?does he mean that all this was a lie?
Does that mean that she never loved him?
Does this mean that all these feeling,letters,calls even damn christmas cards all this wasn't real?
Aug couldn't help it neither his eyes,at once jack knew that he would never hear anyone except her!
So he looked up the piece of paper she gave him,and phoned her
"Can i talk to Christie White?"
"Yes,who is talking?"
"Jack lively, Augstine's friend"
"Is there anything wrong?is he okay?"
"You're to be married right?"
A pause that wad deadly enough to assure him that it was off!
"Listen christie,Aug really loves you,he couldn't get out and what all he was whispering"I love you,too" "Chirstie didn't believe it after all this after breaking him he still loved her!"so if you please come to the US and i'll have a the arrangements!" Of course she was stunned as she experienced a bad break up but something in her heart urged her to go and she did!
So on the christmas morning jack persuaded Aug to dress up and wait for him,he then picked him up and went to the airport because as he said"Some one i know is coming"
As they were talking all of a sudden he saw her and couldn't believe it,his heart had been healed,his soul had been revived,he is alive again!
"Listen,augie...." Before she could continue he silenced her and kissed her on the christmas morning!
Isn't christmas all about miracles
(Credit to we 3eesu)
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