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Minutes of meeting to record monthly get together
River Valley Flying Club Monthly Meeting held at Hardee's in Wisconsin Rapids.

At 1830hrs the meeting was called to order. The following members were present.
Al, Roger, Don, Bob B, Ron, Don G and Ralph.

Treasurer's Report:

Starting $ 4274.93
Ending $ 4009.93

Secretary's report: Minutes of February meeting read and accepted.

Motion made to accept reports made and passed.

Old Business:

It was noted that some years we make money and some years we don't.

Last year the Brat Fry was a great success and we should plan having it again. A proposed date was Saturday 26th 2018.

The Fun fly was proposed for the first week in June. This has become a tradition. The night prior members and guests camp out and have a night fly.

Instead of a "Fun Fly" some have proposed having a Club or Open Fly. This event would be less formal and structured the those we held in the past.
Participants would have to be an AMA member to fly. A picnic or barbecue was suggested. Don said he would prepare a note and post it on the website.
Also publicize by notifying local clubs like those at Marshfield and Madison. Not make it a "Sanctioned" event.... just go out and have some fun. Some primitive camping facilities would be provided as would food for donations. Some assistance would be planned for parking and get the grass cut the prior Thursday.

New Business:

We need to be careful driving into the field and try and minimize ruts.

We can leave the Porta-Pottie where it is and schedule it for between May 15th and the end of October.

Regarding the Rapids Airport the consensus was we could go out and look but that there did not appear to be a whole lot of club interest. This year it was decided not to do it, to take it off the table.

It was suggested that at the Brat Fry to bring the banner as well as set up a static display of models. At that time we could hand out advertisements for the Open Fly.

For the remainder of the year Don asked that we plan to go back to the first Wednesday of the month here at Hardees. He asked the club to consider having a designated club night for a get together and training purposes. We could start after the Open Fly, say beginning June 1st on Mondays from 1700 until dark.

The club website is up and running. Al said he had pulled his stuff off. It is Rivervalleyflyers.org. At the open fly members with cameras were encouraged to bring them and get some good pictures for posting at the website.

A motion was made to adjourn by Roger and seconded by Ron and the meeting concluded at 1920hrs.

Robert Barclay

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