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Environment in which I work
         Here I sit at my designated desk. Uncomfortable sitting in the designated chair telling me that my posture must not be very ergonomically correct. I take my designated headset and place it on my head. I can already feel a light tension headache coming on as it pinches me lightly from ear to ear. I start logging into my designated computer. Clacking keys to type my log in information, a daily ritual my hands and fingers will never forget. As I wait for my system to load my mind wanders to some far away thought a million miles from my desk. The low hum of loud voices all together all off beat yet somehow in harmony. The person across the aisle chatting about the weather or whatever other topic to pass the time and create empty rapport. My system now loaded I start the programs that I will need in order to operate. Before I click my phone on to take my first call I let out a heavy sigh to clear my chest of the angst of the day ahead of me. I breathe deep the heavily filtered air and I press that button. BEEP. My first designated caller. "This is Cory, Thank you for calling it doesn't matter, How can I help you take out your aggression from your day that is completely non related to your current issue?"
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