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My Power Reviewer Superhero. Read on for all the details about SpaceAvenger.
PureSciFi aka SpaceAvenger

     SpaceAvenger has always been a part of our spaceship since I joined you. Every time there was a problem that mysteriously got fixed, it was me who did it. That includes us crashing instead of blowing up. When we hit that asteroid belt I tried to save our spaceship, but something in those asteroids weakened me. I barely had enough strength to get us down safely. It’s all my fault that we crash landed.

     Now that we are here on Planitia my powers have increased. I can run faster, jump higher and further, and my strength is four times greater. I’ve also got a few other new powers too: Like laser eyes, mind manipulation, and invisibility when needed. Now that my powers are almost completely back I’m about ready to return to that asteroid belt, but I want to know why my powers were weakened before I go there to find out why we really had to crash on Planitia.

     I already know that we were supposed to blow ourselves up. It was only because of me that we didn’t. Maybe the Planitians don’t want their unique planet abilities to be known? I know that someone, or maybe more than one, is hiding something, and I think that whatever it is I will find it in that asteroid belt. If I can’t figure out what’s really going on, I can always contact SpaceWoman and Galaxy Girl on the planet of Vinum to help me do it.

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